He drives recklessly, misses a penalty and misses a red light

He drives recklessly, misses a penalty and misses a red light

A few days ago it was included in Elite category of UEFAthe highest possible recognition for an international referee It is understandable that Guida, Rucci's choice for the Salernitana-Juventus match, would have wanted to celebrate his promotion with a brilliant performance, but how did the Campania referee fare yesterday in Aricci?

Guida's history with both teams

There have been 23 precedents for Juventus in which Guida has officiated: the balance sheet speaks of sixteen wins for Juventus, five draws and two defeats. The second time instead Salernitana crosses the Torre Annunziata whistle on his way: The only precedent was the match against Atalanta The last tournament, which ended 1-1. Moreover, Gedda also officiated the last Italian derby between Juventus and Inter, held at the Allianz Stadium on November 26, which ended in a draw with goals from Vlahovic and Lautaro.

Guida booked 7 players and sent 1 player

With the help of the assistants Imperial and Prismis along with Di Marco IV's man, Get Valerie And Dionisi in Avar, the referee sent off Maggiore della Salernitana and warned 7 players, 5 of whom were from the Allegri team: Giombre (S), Maggiore (R), Gatti (J), McKennie (J), Rugani (J), Vlahovic (J), Rabiot. (J). Recovery time: 0' times, 5' times

Salernitana – Juventus, doubtful cases

These are the main episodes in slow motion. In the first minute, Yildiz is immediately dangerous in the penalty area, he goes down after a contact with Maggiore but there is nothing for the referee. VAR confirms. Appearance in the 14th minute: Another one-on-one from the striker who beat Maggiore. Poor contact and no conditions for a penalty kick. In the 51st minute, Vlahovic fell to the ground after interfering with Jeombre: the evidence Let it go amid the protests. In the 53rd minute, Maggiore committed a foul on Rabiot and received a double yellow card. Clear foul and expulsion.

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For Cesari, there was a penalty for Juve

Graziano Cesare provides clarity. The former Genoese referee speaks to Pressing, on Italia1, and says: “First, Juventus protested after 30 seconds. Yildiz escapes and there is contact in the area. Before touching the ball, the knee is placed on the right thigh of the Juventus player. It is inevitable that Yildiz will lose his paceIn my opinion, if there had been a VAR intervention it is clear that he would have reacted differently. Status of var? Certainly yes.” Regarding Gatti’s warning, he explained: “Red? He first touches the ball clearly and then ends up on the opponent. Do you remember Pacerotto being fired? The judges told us it was yellow, and this is very similar. Fair procedure.”

Lapidari on the penalty kick against Vlahovic: “Vlahovic jumps, there is Gombre’s malice that unbalances him. I I would never have given a penaltyFinally, he concluded in red to Maggiore: “Magiore's second yellow is correct. But a few seconds before Rugani placed his hands on Simi's shirt. In my opinion the match should have been stopped at that point and there was no second yellow card.” Fundamentally insufficient directions in the match between Salernitana and Juventus.

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