“It would be a curse, but in Naples dreams always die at dawn. Juventus plays very poorly and quatta quatta…”

“It would be a curse, but in Naples dreams always die at dawn. Juventus plays very poorly and quatta quatta…”

Neapolitan journalist Humberto Chiariello assessed the tournament during “Campania Sport” on Canal 21, here is what Totonapoli highlighted: “It would be a curse, but in Naples dreams always die at dawn. Napoli had already pulled out of the Scudetto at the end of the first round, but the opponents brought him back in abundance. Napoli did not have an exceptional group, but nevertheless they got 18 points, the best performance of a group of Teams that didn’t seem to want to race.Inter, Milan stopped between referee problems and all they want didn’t have an exciting road.So much so that Juventus, playing very poorly, quatta quatta with 14 useful results in a row, firing some signals from behind.

Napoli today had a great chance of a lifetime, because a league is like this without leaders when it happens the most. The challenge was to reach first place alone and Napoli lost it deservedly, because they played poorly without shooting a shot on goal. Today to find the worst, you have to hastily pull out a lot of them, because some of them didn’t really exist. Insigne and Zielinski did not touch the ball and the demise of Politano, Lozano and Mertens. Even Fabian Ruiz could not be seen, already in Rome with Lazio he had found that goal that allowed Napoli to win that very difficult match. Lazio is actually in great shape, Sarri’s job is doing so well that in Cagliari where we suffered the unspeakable, the Maramaldi 3-0. The Milan match does not statistically close the doors of the Scudetto against Napoli, because the top is always 3 points or maybe 4 if Inter wins in the recovery in Bologna, but 10 games remain at the end. It’s like Napoli, just like in Cagliari, the way it still annoys us because they didn’t play. Only a quarter of an hour I went there with a little hope. Beyond that Victor Osimhen who gave his soul like the devil, who put himself in it and you can’t tell him anything, where was Naples? Where this team was able to draft in the midfield, come off the bottom, hurt the attacking midfielders, and find depth and breadth. There was none of this, no tackle won, athlete stopped, fouled pass foul. Can you tell me if Mignan had a difficult evening or Ospina, who was the best in Naples? Do you think that Napoli lost and his goalkeeper was the best on the field, then this shows that there is a tangible disappointment.

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This is the bitterness, because Napoli always comes in these moments and then stops. We have nothing to say, we are very disappointed that a match was not played. Napoli tonight are like those boxers who lose without competition, because they don’t even throw a punch. It hurts more than defeat, because I wanted to see 11 lions and instead I saw 11 terrifying waffles.”

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