Stefano Di Martino, fan without words: A new son on the horizon – the Democrat

Stefano Di Martino, fan without words: A new son on the horizon – the Democrat

Stefano Di Martino dad again? The ridiculous theory for some fans, check the proof for some that it will be a sentence

Few, so far, have been able to decipher the emotional life of one of Italy’s most talked-about personalities. Stefano Di Martino He is without a doubt one of the most wanted men in the show business. In recent years, his career has witnessed a very important turning point, to the point that he has always been in the center of media attention. His work life is of course intriguing, but there is also a heavy dose of gossip that keeps the public glued to this very special character who is loved by millions of people.

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Yes, because Stefano after all is a soap and water boy. A career born in a difficult family situation, as the dancer himself told over time. Then his life, simple, consists of little things that also unite him with many other people. “I have a few quirks: I always wear the left shoe first and then the right shoe; On the stairs, I only use a yellow highlighter of a certain kind,” Stefano’s words to the mics of “Il corriere della Sera.”

A passion for dance, then, is another important component that has continually fueled in recent years respect towards Di Martino. Accompany the dance school by bicycle My sister Adelaide, who is five years younger than me, fell in love too. It started when I was ten years old, I was the only student in my school who practiced dancing,” Stefano explained again during the same interview. In short, from love to sacrifices, those made by this Neapolitan youth to fulfill his dream.

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Stefano Di Martino, still a father? Fans are joking through the guide

As mentioned, today it would be really difficult to explain what kind of emotional situation Stefano is in. The new approach to his historical partner, Belen Rodriguez, now appears to be clear and public. “I think there is some kind of emotional diversion towards us. Everyone has troubled love“In almost a case of illness that they want to understand how it ends, there is a lurking hope that there will be a happy ending for them too,” Stefano explained.

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And in these hours, fans were speechless, as what some would say would be evidence connected to Stefano’s new paternity. Yes, but what exactly are we talking about? The host posted the song on his Instagram Stories.Love Everyone composed by Drake and Jay-Z. Cover image for the song? A group of women with a big belly. Hence the fan fiction, who consider this cover as possible evidence that would attest to Stefano’s new paternity. Are you still with Belen? There is no confirmation of course, and we are only talking about pure social gossip.

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