Mediaset, Pierre Silvio Berlusconi’s surprises are endless: the latest one concerns Silvia Tovanin

Mediaset, Pierre Silvio Berlusconi’s surprises are endless: the latest one concerns Silvia Tovanin

Another novelty that dominates Mediaset tables. This time, Pierre Silvio Berlusconi’s surprise is related to Silvia Tovanin.

Schedules for the next TV season are still being worked out. Although the management of both Rai and Mediaset have announced the various formats scheduled for the fall, and also revealed some important changes, there are surprises. Mediaset decided to postpone the broadcast Hello Darwin It predicted that historical format.

According to the information circulated during these hours, some of the collected Mediaset programs were broadcast on various networks, It could appear for the first time long before that As expected. Pierre Silvio Berlusconi and his staff are very interested in the choices made by the competition and to counter the rivals they have decided to broadcast some standard talks with a large following before the settling date.

This time Mediaset’s CEO has targeted nothing less than very right, The hit talk was broadcast on Canale 5 over the weekend and hosted by his partner, Silvia Tuvanen.

For two years now very right It is broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays. Interesting talk, never overdone, and very composed thanks to the kindness and education of its introduction, the perfect hostess. For the third year very right Will give Ray a hard time over the weekend It could also put Mara Fenner into a crisis with her pop persona sunday to. Normally the beloved chatter season reopens in the second half of September, but today Pierre Silvio Berlusconi decided otherwise.

Very true, the debut date has changed: that’s when it airs

The announcement that reveals the change of the premiere date for the new season of very right Shared in these hours. Silvia Tuvanen’s talk will go live from Saturday, September 9th At 16:30. An unexpected date anticipating the usual return to video in a big way. very right will counter live the life which will also air on Saturdays through October 7th.

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Show Silvia Tovanin Verissimo- photo Ansa-

The first batch of sunday to Instead, it is scheduled for September 17, a week later very right. Mara Venier returns to managing the beloved container on Celebration Day For the sixth season. In all, the broadcaster has led the format 15 times: a record few television faces have ever achieved.

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