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129. Eternal life wanted – Corriere.it

“God promises eternal life. We deliver it to your home.” So says someone’s flyer medicine, Chew-Z, who hits the planetary market in one of Philip K. dick confused, The Three Scars of Palmer Eldrich (1964), which, according to writer Emmanuel Carrier, secretly inspired films such as The Truman Show and The Matrix. In Dick’s novel, the men Inhabiting the entire solar system, the Earth has become almost uninhabitable for hot But to endure the horrible life on other planets like Mars, the terrestrial settlers are preying on the gods plastic models Beautiful miniatures for a man and a woman. When you take a Can-D, an old one medicine A hallucination, you are entering the perfect life of such characters as Barbie and Ken. This is why all men work savings To buy more and more Scenarios And accessories form and escape from the unbearable ordinary life, even if it returns to reality, after everything remains as before, you can not wait to take another dose. But Palmer Eldrich, pole of the solar system, discovers one new medicine A miracle, Chew-Z, which, unlike Can-D, allows you to enter not into a form but into a level of reality closed from consciousness that Dick was looking for: behind the world there is another world that we wear I see no compromise for one Mass On the stage in which we play a role. But what is behind the scenography? Eternal life? And what does it consist of?

From the obsession with this invisible level of reality, the stories that inspired films and series such as Blade Runner, Minority Report, The Man in the High Castle, Dreams of Philip K. electric dick...you have what we call reality he is papier-mache Who hides the real real. Chew-Z, the new drug that in the novel allows access to this level of reality, does not simply allow the individual into another world like traditional drugs, but to paraphrase (at least in some way ImaginaryHe lived at will, modifying the past and present, as in daydreams. with this Freedom Absolute eternal life (even if imagined) is possible at home. But what eternal life do we humans need, believer or not, as beings who know they must die? Contrary to what one might expect, the word “eternal”, even in the language of the Bible, does not refer first of all to life after death but to that which actually overcomes death now, it is life “as it should be” and that we sense it in our lives . desiresA life in which love is eternal, working conditions are just, politics fights for the common good, and the child does not suffer…

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life everlasting It is that life that is full of meanings that some people experience unforgettable moments Which in fact we call salvation, is like falling in love. Eternal life is not the projection of desires into an elusive sky, a religious opium necessary to enjoy life, but it is desire Imprinted with the heart, he vaguely knows how things should go and feels called to achieve them. Evil genius Palmer Eldrich promises such eternal life with a drug, but there is a very heavy price to pay for his eternal life. artificial: You fall under his authority. On the one hand, we have the escape into a life that is not ours, as Can-D allows, the old drug that turns into a plastic life, the kind of escape that he suggested Advertising, which manipulate our desire for infinity by replacing it with an infinite sum of purchasable little finites. On the other hand, we have Chew-Z, Eldrecht’s new powerful medicine, which allows you to change your past and present, and survive an imaginary life in the shape of our desires and without falls, failures or injuries. It’s like what happens to us with the internet, where we build daydreams endlessly bubble Cognitive and emotional out of place and time. But in this way, in order to obtain at least the hypothesis of immortality, we present our data to the chief managers who, by our classification, guide our future choices: we prefer to become Sources Being exhausted rather than struggling to be the champions of real and non-digital eternal life. I miss the Freedom It is a price we pay voluntarily, because freedom forces us to make choices and bear the burden: and so the masses allow small and great dictatorships. but while Advertising Offers products that refer to reality (to be happy I have to have them), and Clearwhich will take the form metaverse (Our features will be alive but in the world formed by God algorithmwith consequences well described by Eric Sadin in Criticism of the artificial mind Especially in terms of loss Freedom then who creativity and the joy of life), will provide us with happiness without the need for reality or even against reality, as the protagonist admits in Dick’s novel: Once you have taken the drug of eternal life, “You cannot escape from it. Even if you think you got rid of it, you are still there entangled. It’s a one-way access and I’m still in it.”

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Who knows and can waiver On the network and social networks today? Our lives, being beings who seek meaning (we perceive ourselves as stories with a destination), are always built around the idea we have. life Eternal: Not only did Dick see that the eternal life of his contemporaries was manipulated by advertisements, but he also had Scheme That eternal life in the future would be in the hands of the inventors of a sweeter and more pervasive form of control, an alternative to reality. The Surveillance capitalismAs Shoshana Zuboff defines her in the book of the same name, There turns up As a source from which to extract data by subtly manipulating our desire for eternal life: the metaverse there will be realization Superior. As far as I can see the new promises of eternal life are really concerned Removal A final body (avatar in the metaverse and cyborg in the universe), so as to achieve victory over nature and time, that is, these two things that still force us to die. In fact, in Dick’s novel it’s three o’clock scars by Palmer Eldrich mentioned in the title are the signs that appear on the body of those who enter his parallel world: the hand, the eye, and the mouth become mechanical, that is, action, appearance and word are no longer human, yes you become happy but Inhumane. We cannot live without eternal life, but we often base it on strength, the shorthand for those convinced that it is control, not love, that gives us an identity and a hold on to life so strongly that death is overcome: we look like moths that go on burn Wings to the light that attracts them, or to the birds that strike the glass, are not the sky but reflect it. Whoever has the technology to sell eternity will always be master of the world and will offer his opium to the peoples, but we will be free and happy only when we build eternal life on love. A friend is waiting for a Sonin the face of my fears of having a child in this world, he would say to me softly: ‘Having this child will always and only play on one thing, how long will that take? lovable and how much I will loveThe rest is superficial. He’s right: I’ve become everlastingToday, Monday, just how much and when I love and be loved, that’s the truly subordinate realityWhich doesn’t require an addiction and a fantasy escape, just a lot of guts and a lot of body. For example, I don’t know what to do with eternal life no tenderness Hug About the woman I love, the faces of the students I’ve followed for years, chatting with a friend, the beauty of a mountain panorama or a starry sky in the middle of the sea like the one I enjoyed this summer, my happiness grandson When I fly in the air, music Beethoven Or a page from Homer… Eternal life at home is not a gift for a controlling drug, but Places Where the meaning of life overflows because it is filled with love, to be accepted and given. It is up to us to choose where and what these places are and to help build them: our locations are at stake life (everlasting).

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