“I will go to Paris with my girlfriend. Then I will say many things.”

“I will go to Paris with my girlfriend. Then I will say many things.”

Starting today, Saturday, September 23 Fabrizio Corona is a free man again. The former VIP photographer, who was first arrested in 2007, as part of the “Valetopoli” investigation, spent more than ten years in prison, house arrest and therapeutic detention, serving a number of sentences for crimes of extortion, corruption, tax fraud and bankruptcy. .

Once he was officially free, Corona announced his intention to go to Paris and posted on Instagram a photo of himself sitting at the airport and warned, “Now I am free to take action and above all to speak.” “I’m going to Paris. I haven’t had a passport since 2010…and this is the first thing I’ll do. I’m going with her My friend Sarah Barbieri, “Who I lived with for two years and who is 27 years younger than me,” he explained to Il Giornale. He added: “When they told me the end of my sentence – I was with Francesca Fagnani, we had just finished recording my interview for the first episode of the new season of Belve” which will be broadcast on Tuesday.

“I didn’t feel anything at all – explained the former photographer -. Besides the fact I’ve always felt free in my head, They could never cage me, I think from a judicial point of view they did many things to me. but now “I am free to act and above all to speak.”. Corona explained that he has no relationship with his mother and siblings, nor with Nina Moric, the ex-wife with whom he had his son Carlos, and who now lives with him. As for the rest, he concludes: “I always have my own agency and “I’ll keep doing what I’ve always done: make money.”

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The former king of photographers published in his book Stories on Instagram A photo of the plane that just landed with Fabrizio Corona Reference to Oslo. Next to this photo from several years ago, it says: “I am not deleting anything from my life.”

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