How to avoid hacking connected cameras –

How to avoid hacking connected cameras –
From Lorenzo Nicolau

The proliferation of digital devices has allowed many technological snoopers to intercept video and audio in homes and private moments. How to avoid Big Brother 2.0

What seemed to many a mere theoretical possibility turned out to be a reality: The case of the digital peepers squad in Milan The intrusion of smart cameras, IoT objects, and smart homes has brought back the center of the scene. Just like in the movie welcome home, an exciting movie a few years ago, homes are enriched with digital things that offer great opportunities, but at the same time always raise doubts and doubts about the dangers of privacy, with cameras and sensors gradually invading more and more home spaces. Sometimes it is not out of excessive fear, because fears are proven by news. New hacking techniques that intercept video streams of private surveillance systems and then sell them for just €20 via social media or through platforms like cable Through the so-called services spy camera and the like. You pay with Paypal or Bitcoin and are interested in both apartments and properties such as nudist beaches, hotel rooms, gyms, swimming pools, nightclubs and public restrooms.

Digital espionage and devices at risk

So experts warn people, first of all, of what kind of tools they use for their safety. Thousands of homes have been destroyed Because of the literally installed security systems, they are probably bought cheaply and protected with weak passwords. This aspect in particular has allowed many to hack the security system and make malicious private videos of showers, sex scenes and moments of intimate life that can arouse curiosity and thus be bought by clients Tech peepers professionals. At risk are not only surveillance systems and classic hidden spy cameras, but also smart TVs, webcams of computers or electronic devices and even smart speakers. In fact, any digitally connected object with a microphone and a camera can pose a danger and can be used as one bed bug.

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Digital espionage when you are hacked

It is possible to prevent incoming dangers from intercepting the camera, even if incorrect behavior can be difficult to identify. There are technicians who repair computer software remotely (and thus access to the device), the permissions we give to applications and programs that are not always secure and able to access the microphone and camera of digital devices, as well as security systems that do not prevent actions from hackers. Today’s criminals are not only looking at computer damage but also crime and also free access to digital eyes and ears.

just Malware Especially to be able to make electronic accessories for real spy systems. Low complexity to many Internet of Things Objects, in addition to the wireless network that connects them all publicly in the house (it is likely that hacking the device will gain access to all the others), it has allowed the skills of cybercriminals to be less than once, to carry out this type of operation. Using social networks in and of itself presents risks, as the myriad of associated apps require camera and microphone connectivity. These two elements represent a golden opportunity to spy on the user even from smart TVs and listen to them and look at them from behind the screen. Covering the camera lens and microphone has always been valid, but this rudimentary solution is not the only prevention that can be implemented, although it is a technique also used by the number 1 in the Meta, Mark Zuckerbergand former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation James Comey.

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Many ways to defend yourself are not different from those recommended for fighting online hackers, you just need to consider this type of situation. First, as far as possible, it can be useful Disable microphone and camerawhen it is not needed. At the same time, in the various hardware options, it is always advisable to look at what information is shared externally and through which applications, whether it is a Smart TV, PC or other gadgets. Passwords are not discounted, the Type 1234, and frequently changed, remains one of the most effective weapons for defense and fit for any type of device. In many cases, such as smart TVs or other connected electronic objects, they are left for too long Preset passwords, known to all, even the bad guys. Therefore it is advisable to change them as soon as possible, as well as make constant updates, often aimed at improving the hardware security device. L ‘Antivirus, it is needless to say that it should always be up to date in the same way, since the Internet on which the computer’s webcam is activated must be secure. Then a large part of prevention depends on the behavior of individuals, because one click on one is enough suspicious link Or offbeat conversation to make the device vulnerable and easy to reach. The same applies to suspicious emails and attachments that sometimes request disclosure and sharing of personal information.

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