A torn jacket costs an arm and a leg

A torn jacket costs an arm and a leg

She’s not known for being all about looks, but her voice warms the soul. Another beauty faux pas from Emma on Amici.

She has delighted us with outfits that would have made any fashion student in the world pale, but we love her for her energetic energy and voice and forgive her for everything…or almost. During the last episode of friends, Emma Brown She opted for a relaxed but decidedly not-so-chic look. A ripped jacket costs a fortune and you wouldn’t have a pair of jeans if it weren’t for the excessive street effect. Here it is Look Which prompted fans of the Canale 5 talent show to debate.

Emma Marrone returns to Amici

Emma Brown He always has a free space in his heart for the most televised school in Italy. Among the offices friendsIn fact, the singer became known to the public, studied to improve herself, and even fell in love with Stefano Di Martino – even if the relationship ended in tragedy when the singer exposed her horns with Belén Rodriguez.

In short, the program that discovered Maria De Filippi’s talents remained in the heart of Emma, ​​who sometimes worked as a coach for the evening stage, hoping to see her children triumph. That’s why the singer brought one of the songs from Tethkar (her exciting new album) to the offices of the new student singers.”Let’s start from the end“And the excitement of the audience present and those at home. But what sparked the discussion was not Maroun’s performance, but rather the terrible performance Look He was chosen for this occasion.

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Emma Marron, a lapse in style

To present his new song in the studio friends, Where it all began for her and her thriving career, Emma Brown She chose a really special look. Do not forget the influence of the street and the warmth that affects the stars more and more – because then, given their ability to afford a more sober and sophisticated look precisely thanks to their careers and social commitments, we have no right to say – but the Relica Worn Jacket by Christopher Esber, starting at €780 It’s also a gamble for Emma, ​​who has done her best when it comes to fashion.

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Maroon is beloved for his incredible talent, and certainly not for his talent Ashton Jeans Attico pants start at €870, which in itself is an interesting piece if paired well, but with the completely ruined jacket in a color that doesn’t look good on anyone, it’s definitely a huge fail. What do you think of the appearance?

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