Calciomercato 2022 LIVE, live broadcast of all negotiations and exchanges today June 10, 2022

Calciomercato 2022 LIVE, live broadcast of all negotiations and exchanges today June 10, 2022
  • Fiorentina: The Grillch Approach
    Fiorentina are working hard to try to give the Italian coach an essential pawn in the midfield as Torreira’s farewell must be paid. Florian Grelic appears to be the most qualified candidate currently to replace the uncompensated midfielder who has returned to Arsenal in the squad. Fiorentina is awaiting the next meeting to ratify a final agreement.Read the article08:35

  • Di Maria, Zaniolo and others: Restyle the wings of Juventus
    Di Maria will leave Paris Saint-Germain and at the moment does not have many alternatives besides Juventus who, however, are angry at the player’s indecision. Zaniolo and Berardi are currently the most realistic options if the Di Maria case is eventually overridden. Also because he has different characteristics than Di Maria, Berardi and Zaniolo, he is a pure winger not 10 who likes to play wide.Read the article08:38

  • Naples, Deulofeu closer and closer: confirmation has arrived from the agent
    Gerard Deulofeu and Napoli are getting closer and closer. The Udinese striker will be the Azzurri’s number one target on the market, as Spalletti can use him in his 4-2-3-1 play, as an attacking midfielder behind Osimhen and as a winger. To confirm Napoli’s interest, the player’s agent was, who told “Footballnews24” microphones: “As I mentioned earlier, Napoli is an excellent choice for him.”Go to the article08:44

  • Rome: English sirens for Ibanez
    Two English Premier League teams have set their sights on the Roma defender. After his excellent season in the Italian league led by Jose Mourinho, the heart of Roma has drawn attention to himself, from Newcastle and Tottenham. If negotiations were confirmed and the player would land in one of the two top squads, Roma would have already identified two alternatives to bet on.Read the article08:56

  • Premier League, Liverpool: So close to Darwin Nunez
    Regardless of the outcome, he was accompanied by a constant sense of change in the Champions League final. After Luis Diaz’s arrival in January, another South American star appears set to land at Anfield via Portugal.Go to the article08:59

  • Naples-Fabien Ruiz, remote renewal: details
    Fabian Ruiz had rejected the proposal to renew Napoli. This was announced by the newspaper ‘Corriere dello Sport’, which analyzes the contractual situation of the Spanish midfielder.Go to the article09:09

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  • Juventus, the search for a manager continues: help comes from the English Premier League
    As reported by Bild newspaper, Ilkay Gundogan would like to leave Manchester City, due to non-continuous use and some disagreement with coach Pep Guardiola. The former Borussia Dortmund contract is until 2023, and it appears he has turned down the first renewal offer.deepen09:09

  • Inter still has to fend for themselves from the former: the web storm is running
    Antonio Conte wants to make Tottenham great, but for the transfer market he continues to look to the Nerazzurri: last on the list is Lautaro Martinezdeepen09:27

  • Turin, Accelerator Joao Pedro: Meet Cagliari D
    Torino is working to strengthen the offensive. The Grenade Club continues to pursue Joao Pedro from Cagliari, the first target of the Cairo Urbano Club. Although Torino may seem to want the striker very badly, there is still space between the two parties. According to, there will be a difference of 3 million euros between what Cagliari asks for and what the grenade proposes.Read the article09:35

  • Inter think about a dream about a trident: Dzeko could be the key
    Inter is preparing to experience the transfer market as an absolute champion. Inter with Lautaro – Dybala – Lukaku striker: The dream is possible. Selling Dzeko will save a lot of wages. Inter with Lautaro – Dybala – Lukaku striker: The dream is possible. Selling Dzeko will save a lot of wages. However, the question arises spontaneously, given that we have been here for months to talk to you about Inter’s financial problems.Go to the article09:41

    Inter think about a dream about a trident: Dzeko could be the key
  • Man City: Bernardo Silva tempts Barcelona
    Bernardo Silva has not ruled out a move to Barcelona after scoring for Portugal in the Nations League win against the Czech Republic, and Pep Guardiola questioned this week if Barcelona could afford the likes of first-timer Robert Lewandowsk and a year-old Silva after losing Lionel. Messi to the club’s financial crisis.Go to the article09:57

  • Turin, Bayern Munich fall to Bremer
    Gleeson Bremer’s excellent season in Torino has not gone unnoticed by Europe’s top clubs. If the Brazilian defender now looked one step closer to a move to Inter, as La Gazzetta dello Sport reported, Bayern Munich would have fallen for him decisively in the past few hours. An amount that would put Inter and other clubs interested in Bremer’s performance out of the game.deepen10:12

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  • Serie A, many suitors to Gonto
    After the two great performances in the national team against Germany and Hungary, the entire First Division is in turmoil gathering information for Wilfried Gonto, a very young striker who is currently playing in Switzerland, in Zurich. Sassuolo, Bologna and Verona have already moved on, and now Turin’s interest is starting to emerge as well. A helping hand for our clubs could come from the current expiration of the Gnonto contract, which will expire in 2023.Read the article10:27

  • Rome: The focus is very much on Frattisi
    Only money or other peers or nothing will be done? It is important to remember that in these negotiations, we mention that the club of Roma, from whom Sassuolo Frattisi bought in the summer of 2017, is bragging about 30% on reselling the midfielder in the future, and it is clear that if it were Roma, the company would do so. Buy a Frattesi and then pay only 70% of its price.Go to the article10:30

  • Juventus focus on Ilkay Gundogan on his way to Guardiola
    Juventus focus on expert Ilkay Gundogan. Gundogan will not be satisfied with the management assigned to him by the Manchester City manager, last season and with his contract expiring in 2023, he was considering the opportunity to leave City in the summer and move elsewhere.deepen10:34

  • Juventus Market, Kostik’s turning point: social proof makes a fuss
    Juventus put pressure on the Serbian, that the deal seems closer to confirmation through a video clip that spread widely, giving hope to the Juventus fans.Go to the article10:54

  • From France: Zidane will be the new coach of Paris Saint-Germain
    Zinedine Zidane will be the new coach of Paris Saint-Germain. Despite Zizou’s intention to become the coach of the French national team, the engagement of the Parisian club would have been successful. Journalist Daniel Riolo is the one who was briefed on the news of Messi’s arrival at Paris Saint-Germain and subsequently the renewal of the contract despite all the odds of Kylian Mbappe, who now appears to be engaged to Real Madrid.deepen10:54

  • Manchester United, agreement exists with De Jong: He is with Barcelona
    Frankie de Jong and Manchester United are getting closer and closer. The Red Devils and the Dutch midfielder had reached an agreement on the engagement, and now it will be necessary to agree with Barcelona. He will find Dutchman Erik ten Hag, the coach who boosted him at Ajax. According to the same source, Manchester United will have to find an agreement with Barcelona regarding the price of the player, which the Catalan team estimates at 80 million euros, a figure that will not convince the Red Devils.Go to the article11:28

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  • Three big Europeans put pressure on De Ligt
    Despite the €120m clause to be paid to Juventus, De Ligt ended up on the books of several transfermen from three major European teams. Because the sirens don’t stop there: PSG is looking for a top-ranking position and if it doesn’t work, the attack on Skriniar here is that De Ligt could become an idea.deepen11:47

  • Bologna focus on Bonazzoli
    So the correct profile could be Bonazzoli. Bologna is seriously considering it but first we have to understand if Salernitana will exercise the €6m redemption right. A complicated situation, but in the process of being prepared: Bologna remains in the window to understand who will ultimately be the owner of the player’s card to launch the right Zambata and buy the striker liked by Mihajlovic and which the same technician had already included among the players. Winter requests.deepen11:57

  • Naples, Coulibaly great show: worried fans
    While the negotiations between the blue club and the defender are not yet opened, the big players in Europe are ready to make their transferGo to the article12:04

  • Monza, a wanted attack with Belija
    Monza is trying to put the first shots for the market in light of the Serie A season, a historical first for the Brianza club. After a stellar year in the second division, the Berlusconi-Galiani duo want to seek redemption as soon as possible, to realize a big dream if the arrangement allows it.deepen12:12

  • Juventus over Di Maria: Four names that make the fans warm
    The administration does not remain idly waiting for video options, and the alternatives divide Juventus supportersdeepen12:27

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