Starfield: The design director responds to some criticism that it’s out of touch with reality

Starfield: The design director responds to some criticism that it’s out of touch with reality

Emil Pagliarulo, Design Director Starfielddecided to Answer To each other Criticisms received from the game, considering it separate from the reality of video game development.

It should be noted that Pagliarulo did not attack those who criticized the game, since he considers doing so more than legitimate, but those who, despite not knowing anything about video game development, emphasized that there were internal problems in the creation of the game itself, he tells Bethesda what He should have done it.

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Pagliarulo: “It amuses me to see how disconnected some players are from the reality of game development and yet they talk about it with so much authority. I mean, I can imagine what it takes to make a Hostess Twinkie, but I don’t work in a factory, so what do I really know? Not much.”

The developer goes on to say that he realizes that spending money on something gives you the right to criticize it, and that he himself buys a lot of video games that he would like to complain about, but he doesn’t do that for two reasons: “1) I know how hard it is to make games and I have great respect for my fellow developers. “2) I work at a video game studio and it wouldn’t be nice or professional for me to do that.” However, those who do he understand, as he himself did when he wrote Reviews For adrenaline vault.

Drawing on his experience, Pagliarulo admitted: “At that time I had no idea what video game development was. And how much effort designers, programmers, artists, producers and everyone else put in. The effort to bring a vision to life always counts resources.”

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“I don’t want to change anyone’s mind, because we are on the Internet. But given my position, I can only tell the truth. The truth is that no one aims to make a change.” Bad game. “Most developers are incredibly talented… even if the game they release isn’t up to scratch.”

Pagliarulo then goes on to define video game development as a series of compromises and difficult decisions: “There’s the perfect game you want to make… and then there’s the game you can make. Sometimes, if the gods smile on you, the two get pretty close.” However, to succeed, a development team has to deal with many issues, such as moving or firing developers, looming deadlines, and creative decisions you always hope you won’t have to make.

“The team does a lot of work, from scripting to building levels and character models and programming the game systems, and organizing it in a way that doesn’t overwhelm people.”

So, Pagliarulo concludes: “Sure, you might not like part of the game. You might even hate the whole game. But don’t fool yourself into thinking you know why it’s made a certain way (unless you’ve checked the documentation) or how it got there. To be a certain way (For better or for worse).”

“Probably, unless you develop a game yourself, you don’t know who made certain decisions, who did what worked, how many people were available to do it, what challenges they faced and the times they had to overcome them. Technological problems.”

Pagliarulo’s call is not to stop criticizing games, but to stop talking about issues we know nothing about. In his case it’s Starfield, but in general it extends to all video games: “Because, know that the game you’re playing is somehow a miracle in itself. Ordinary people have come together to work for years on one goal: to entertain you and make you happy. So It helps to remember that… and to remember her.”

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