Netanyahu is running out of oxygen

Netanyahu is running out of oxygen

Benjamin Netanyahu is a survivor whose days are numbered.
Or not through the streets of Tel Aviv
Or Jerusalem. It is difficult to find any Israeli who speaks well about the first
The minister who was unable to prevent the terrorist attack carried out by Hamas on October 7, in a country that has made security a state brand.

At home, the Likud leader is upset with survivors of the massacre committed by Hamas in kibbutzim, moshav and other surrounding towns in Gaza, where at least 1,200 people were killed and about 240 others were kidnapped. And the families of the 138 hostages who are still in captivity, who demonstrate every day in front of the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv, and who feel that Netanyahu is not doing everything in his power to free their loved ones, especially after the Mossad negotiators withdrew from Doha after the collapse of the truce. Subsequently, the families raised their voices, publicly criticizing the government and the war cabinet and requesting assistance in international forums. Yesterday, President Joe Biden received a group of relatives.

The conservative politician already had a significant portion of the population against him before the war, due to his corruption trials and controversial attempt at judicial reform, which sparked mass street protests.

It has been 69 days since the Hamas attack and a month and a half since the ground offensive began on October 27. Hanukkah will end tomorrow, as it has been eight days since its beginning, during which millions of candles were lit to end the dark times, but it does not seem that the darkness of war must end quickly, however. The fact that ground forces are already fighting throughout the Strip, aggressively in Khan Yunis and Gaza City.

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There is widespread indifference in Israeli society regarding the mass slaughter of Palestinians; The public is aware of the killing of thousands of children, although the Hebrew media shows almost no pictures except of their soldiers in action, but they believe that there is no other way to eliminate
,organization of this volume
Destruction of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. To try to prevent this, 115 soldiers were killed in Gaza, the last ten of whom were killed in an ambush in Gaza City, the capital of the Strip, which Israel said weeks ago that it controlled. Another 1,645 were injured. There is no criticism of the government for the deaths of soldiers in a militarized country full of reservists and armed civilians. Among the soldiers killed in the fighting was the son of Defense Minister Gadi Eisenkot.

Netanyahu ignores Biden, but the United States is the only country that can convince him to stop the bombing

“Netanyahu is finished.” A phrase that this special envoy heard last month from the mouths of Israelis of all circumstances and ages. But first the war must end.

Internationally, Netanyahu is running out of oxygen even faster. Images of dead, wounded and mutilated Palestinian children that cannot be seen in Israel are broadcast on television around the world. So far, Israel has killed 18,608 people and injured 50,594 others. Of course, the authoritarian Arab countries condemned the invasion of Gaza from the first moment – with statements, not actions -; But also European countries, such as Spain, or Latin American countries, such as Colombia or Chile, questioned the bombings in the Strip and confronted Netanyahu with diplomatic consequences. International organizations, such as the United Nations or the World Health Organization, criticized Israel; Organizations like the Red Cross, or organizations based in Gaza, like Doctors Without Borders, do not stop doing this.

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However, only the US position can have an impact on the Israeli government. On Tuesday, Biden raised his tone and told Netanyahu that he “has to change,” and that he has to be more flexible. He was referring to the closed attitude towards the day after the war, but also pointing out that indiscriminate bombing was making Israel “begin to lose” international support.

The White House wants to advance the two-state solution. Not only does Israel not want to, but it has already indicated that it wants to keep troops in Gaza after the war. He does not like the Palestinian National Authority’s control over the Strip either. The current president of the European Union, Pedro Sanchez, who is openly confronting Netanyahu, will exploit this “disagreement” tomorrow.
– As described by the Israeli Prime Minister – between the United States and
Israel asks the Council
The European Union agreed to a ceasefire and move forward with its proposal to hold an international conference for a two-state solution.

But Netanyahu continues the song of the angry, day after day. “Nothing will stop us,” he said yesterday during a visit to a military intelligence unit in response.
In the face of “international pressure.”
And then, with reference to
Electronic technology added:
“Evolution saves a lot
video clips “.

Hebrew media rarely shows pictures of children killed in Gaza and does not show its soldiers in action

Meanwhile, in Jenin (West Bank), an army raid that began on Tuesday and continued into yesterday left six Palestinians dead, as well as a sick 13-year-old boy who died because the military siege of the city prevented him from receiving medical assistance. There were also one hundred detainees, including Ahmed Al-Toubasi and Mustafa Chita, directors of the local Freedom Theater, a theater school in the refugee camp. This special envoy interviewed Sheeta a few days ago.

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In this context, it is not surprising that a survey of the institute was conducted
Palestinian public opinion announced yesterday
Hamas has doubled its political support since the beginning of the war. If elections were held in Palestine today, the Islamic Party would receive 44% of support, compared to 22% before October 7. In addition, 88% of the sample demanded the resignation of National Party Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

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