The secret of longevity. Where is it and how does it work

The secret of longevity.  Where is it and how does it work

Spermidine is a valuable ally for health and longevity. An expert explains how it works and where it is

Eugenio Spagnolo

– Milan

It was first found in 1678, in the male seed hence the name: spermidine. Three centuries later, a rediscovery in terms of longevity: spermidine, which is actually It is also found in many foodsAccording to some studies, it has the ability to stimulate autophagy, that is, it helps the body break down and get rid of damaged or defective mitochondria, for example, allowing the growth and function of healthy tissues. This gives it an important anti-aging effect. But how does it work? Where can we find it? And most importantly, how can spermidine make us live better? we asked Eugenio Luigi Iorio, President of the International Observatory of Oxidative Stressprofessor of integrative medicine in Brazil and one of the world’s leading longevity experts.

Professor Yorio, is spermidine the elixir of life?“Aging is a complex process. There is no magic bullet. We can manage it by knowing its mechanisms well, with the goal of aging successfully. But it is true that spermidine is part of a group of natural substances that play an important role in this process as evidenced by a series of recent studies” .

What is the effect of spermidine on our body?“As we age, cells enter a kind of delicate balance: we produce Molecular garbage Which is removed by our molecular scavengers. a mechanism known as autophagy. The organism is fine as long as the pace of production of molecular waste goes hand in hand with its elimination. When this balance is broken, aging processes are accelerated. The scientist Claudio Franceschi has coined in this regard a new term: rubbish (from rubbish, litter, old age, old age). According to some studies, spermidin activates the genes responsible for autophagy at the epigenetic level …”.

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Simply more?“Autophagy is a system that is triggered when we fast or exercise. Spermidine reproduces the same effects as exercise and dietdeceiving our molecular system.”

How are the effects of spermidine manifested?“Increased cellular efficiency also means increased performance, because cells live on the signals that are being exchanged: spermidine determines the underlying mechanisms in place. Spermidine has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties-It can improve respiratory function and metabolism. It also appears to help memory and slow cognitive decline.”

Where is spermidine found?“It’s a natural substance found in many common foods: Whole foods including wheat germCauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, and some types of cheese. It is even more concentrated in fermented products and in soy-based products such as natto, shiitake mushrooms and amaranth. In Italy for some time it has also been available in a food supplement (SpermidineLIFE, ed.) of completely natural origin and available in 1 mg tablets.

How much should we take?“Being a slightly different micronutrient than others, there are no daily rations like vitamins. Intake varies with age, habits and other factors. One thing is for sure that a diet like our Mediterranean diet, if done well, contains a good amount of substance. In other cases, it may It’s fine to take them through supplementation, but it’s fine to have a professional suggest them, even if they don’t have any side effects at prescribed doses.”

Where does all this scientific interest in spermidine come from?“Many positive studies have emerged over the years. Scientists have found, for example, that Naked mole rat, a mouse found in some desert regions of East Africa, has an exceptional lifespan: it lives up to 32 years, compared to two years for lab mice. Not only that: He can survive 18 minutes in the absence of oxygen and heal his wounds quickly. Well, it turns out that compared to normal mice, it also contains more spermidine. And this will be one of the secrets of her long life….”

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