Will the zombie virus return? Bell Scientists: What’s Going On

Will the zombie virus return?  Bell Scientists: What’s Going On

More and more scientists fear the imminent appearance of so-called zombie viruses on Earth. Let’s see together what it is and why part of the scientific community is so concerned.

Global warming will contribute The birth of a new type of virus What should humanity be afraid of? This is the view that many scientists have been trying to bring to the attention of the general public for several years now.

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To understand Reasons for this alertwe must first of all understand that the increasingly high temperatures recorded on the planet, They modify permafrost, which is a very deep, frozen layer of soil.

What are zombie viruses and where are they found?

In fact, the danger is that in the long run, This layer may eventually begin to melt. According to many, this is a very serious problem for humanity, as hundreds of thousands of inactive viruses are deposited under the permafrost, also known as “zombie viruses” by virtue of the fact that they literally hibernate, remaining inactive through the ice that has frozen them for who knows how many thousand years. . And the fear of part of the international scientific community is that now The situation can change radically.

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In recent weeks, the alarm She is also portrayed by Kimberley MinerClimate scientist at NASA’s California Institute of Technology. In fact, the woman told reporters that she was very worried: “There are many things to be concerned about with permafrost, and that really shows why it is so important to keep as much frozen permafrost as possible.”

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The scientist told CNN: “We see traces of many other viruses. We don’t know for sure if they are still alive.

Then there is the case Jean-Michel Claverya scientist at the University of Marseille, was recently given the important task of analyzing some of these inert viruses, taken under the Siberian permafrost. The man also became very famous in 2014, when he managed the amazing feat of reviving and reactivating a virus isolated and discovered inside permafrost.

Recently, a man shot on the subject CNN interview explaining it These viruses infect amoeba as a surrogate for all the other possible viruses that might exist in permafrost. We see traces of many, many, many other viruses. We know they are there. We don’t know for sure if they are still alive. But our reasoning is that if the amoeba viruses are still alive, then there is no reason for the other viruses to exist They were not yet alive and capable of infecting their hosts.”

So the risk is there and it’s clear that in recent years, The scientific community itself is becoming more aware of it. It is clear that the epidemic that affected the entire West three years ago has focused on an issue that we may not have seen since the beginning of the first decade of the twenty-first century. When SARS appeared in mankind. Here’s another great reason To reduce global warmingspecifically to avoid the return of the zombie virus, which unfortunately can be much more deadly than those currently found in nature.

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