June 8, 2023

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Activision Blizzard: Microsoft has little chance of success despite the EU, according to Bloomberg

According to Bloomberg analyst Jennifer Rhee, Microsoft She still has a small chance of succeeding in obtaining it Activision Blizzarddespite the positive judgment by European Commissionone of the three antitrust agencies binding on the deal.

According to Ray, the European Commission’s decision gives some hope, but overall it doesn’t have much effect Chance to succeed Microsoft is in lawsuits with the FTC, the US antitrust authority, and the CMA, the English antitrust authority, both of which are unfavorable to the deal.

The reason behind Rie is that each jurisdiction has made its decision based on the market conditions in its territory: “These terms may differ and therefore may lead to different conclusions about the effect of the transaction on the market.”

In short, Rey pointed out, antitrust agencies decide on the basis of their organs reference markets And not taking into account the global market, so one’s decisions do not necessarily influence the decisions of the other.

Either way, we’ll see how the situation develops. As you know today, the European Commission has expressed a positive opinion on the takeover, and has given its approval.

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