Spalletti coach for the national team: the announcement is tomorrow

The Tuscan boss is still hoping to avoid a potential legal row with De Laurentiis

Luciano Spalletti said “yes” to the national team, and FIFA plans to announce “yes” tomorrow. It’s been a bit hectic hours, but the sky cleared blue yesterday afternoon, announcing imminent clear weather. Today, after many phone calls, he will meet the President of the Federation, Gabriele Gravina and Spalletti: face to face, it will be easier to shake hands, clearing the doubts and difficulties that accompanied the agreement. Monday’s presentation in Rome seems likely. Yesterday in Via Allegri there was excitement in view of a possible press conference in the Chamber of the Federal Council, the one dedicated to Paolo Rossi.


However, yesterday morning the coach looked a bit annoyed with Gravina, if not suspicious. The desire and enthusiasm to become a coach was not in question from the first contact with the boss. However, earlier in the day, Gravina heard Spalletti still wrestling with his thoughts. The condition to be paid for the release from Napoli created an unpleasant atmosphere for the coach who felt almost “threatened”, above all by the impossibility of starting his tenure with the necessary calm and consent. That was the feeling of those who reiterated all possible support for him in the event of a falling out with De Laurentiis. But there was no door to collapse: Spalletti had been wide open for some time. For him, becoming the coach of Italy is a “romantic” premise as well as prestigious. An opportunity not to be missed. And so as the hours went by and subsequent communications, the suspicions diminished.

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Gravina today

Today’s meeting with Gravina will be an opportunity to resolve it once and for all. And finalizing the last details regarding the contract that will accompany the coach until – hopefully – the European Championship 2024, and then the World Cup 2026, starting from September 1, or the day after the Montecarlo referee who will decide if it is Spalletti’s turn. , or to Inzaghi, or to Guardiola, the favorite to win the title of best coach in UEFA last year.


The president also spoke to the future coach about his role as supervisor of the three main national teams, from senior to under-20, passing through the under-21 team: the “niche” that was set for Mancini and that Spalletti would retain, to always have a more complete view of the materials to work with On it, with the possibility of continuous transfer of forces between one team and another. Only the speech about the crew has been mentioned: today we will talk about it in more detail, but there will be no surprises. He will work with Spalletti, his “historic” deputy Marco Domenechini, sports coach Francesco Senati, technical assistant Ben Daniele Baldini and Alessandro Bani, or both. Federal selections confirmed, specifically Andrea Barzagli – who will take care of the defensive phase – and tactician Antonio Gagliardi. Gigi Buffon has confirmed that he will be the head of the delegation. To assess the positions of the team’s manager, Lelli Oriali, and Alberto Pollini, in the management of Mancini appointed assistant coach.

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From Monday, Spalletti will dive into his new job, knowing that he is faced with two important deadlines: on September 9 (in North Macedonia) and 12 (in San Siro, against Ukraine) Italy will play a large part of the qualifiers in the ‘European. He will do it with his head certainly clear of the waste accumulated in recent days due to the differences arising from the intransigent position of the president of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, regarding the clause (“climbing”: on September 1 it will amount to 2.5 million euros) present in the contract with Napoli.


Spalletti and FIFA, along with currently strained relations with his former club, hope that they can even move past the burden of the legal dispute, with the help of his son Samuel, a lawyer who benefits from the cooperation of the Milanese law firm. Gatai and Minoli Partners. If it is inevitable that he will be confronted, he will apparently also be supported by FIFA lawyers, who are currently out of the game as they have nothing to do with the matter. And with the federation itself, at that point, Spalletti will analyze more specifically the discussion, which has so far been taken up without going into detail, regarding compensation related to the possible payment of the fine stipulated in the clause of his old contract with Napoli.

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