Greta Picaglia, a 45-year-old cheerleader who harassed a journalist on live TV. The reporter submits a complaint – a lawsuit

a fan Fiorentina Who harassed the reporter? Greta Picaglia While he was live for a sports broadcast on TV Tuscany. Empoli police agents identified him, along with members of the Degos family of Florence, who crossed over the images taken from the same TV with others, in 45enne residing in the province of AnconaAccording to what has been learned. It was the sports facility’s cameras that allowed her to be identified during her filming Passage to the exit gates. The harassment occurred on November 27 in front of the stadium Carlo CastellaniAfter the match After the Empoli-Fiorentina match: In the videos you can see the man approaching the journalist’s back and touching him. Then the fan who risks accusing him sexual violenceEscaped.

To start the process, one was needed complaint – lawsuit journalist. The complaint was formalized at the police headquarters in Florence, after various contacts by the police with the young reporter: in front of the investigators, Picaglia recalled the events that occurred on his account in the area of ​​the stadium where there is an outflow. A fan of Fiorentina. “What happened – said the victim of the attack in an interview with national newspaper – It shows how late we are in the minimum level of respect between the sexes.” But after the news spread on the network, “the journalist received a flood of messages of solidarity, especially from men.” But he wonders: “This time it happened in front of the cameras. How many other girls suffer the same violence every day in absolute silence? Interview by printingPicaglia mentioned that she feltconfused, upset“After the harassment, what hurts her most is the ‘indifference’ of those around her. ‘Everyone saw, nobody said anything,’ he says. ‘Despite everything, I’m lucky. I can get the message across to everyone.”

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The Tuscan Press Association and the Tuscan Sports Journalists Association – AUC are preparing to join a civil lawsuit. AST head, Sandro BinucciPresident of the Sports Journalists Group, Franco Morabito, expressing their new solidarity with Greta Picaglia and repeating the condemnation of this unspeakable gesture. “It is intolerable – as Pucci says – that incidents of sexual harassment occur around a sporting event against those who do their job, right after the day everyone expressed their commitment against violence against women. The Fnsi Equal Opportunity Commission was brought before the case.” I also appeal to the publishing companies and the broadcast hosts themselves to ensure, in the context of the organization of work, maximum safety for information operators, in particular colleagues, in front-line services, where similar actions can unfortunately repeat themselves “

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