world Cup. Alpine skiing, Super d’Alebrandini! The first podium in the World Cup, the second in Gran Resa

There’s a first time for everything and that’s really cool. Luca de Alibrandini He achieves one of the most important milestones of his career and does so on one of the white circus’ most famous tracks, the Gran Resa, conquering For the first time in his career, he won a World Cup podium: Great double test of the Trentino skater, which adds up to an almost perfect first temperature (closed in second behind Odermatt for 18 cents) a second equally good. Luca confirms second place behind the general classification leader and can celebrate a very nice goal. Yes, after the first heat he also had the courage to shake his head, indignant …

“I’ve never felt so good, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like you’ve made a big heat and instead the skates go…”. In fact it was like this: Clean, linear and precise, De Aliprandini was able to move the skis on a track that was exactly the cornerstone of smoothness. And in the second heat, he gave it all up again, pushed, checked, and did what it was, in short and He had finally broken his World Cup podium spell.

Alta Badia

De Alibrandini: “The podium is not a turning point but a confirmation”

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Luca de Alibrandini on the Gran Risa

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Top 10

Mr. Udermatt (Switzerland) 2: 26.07.2007
De Alibrandini (Italy) +1.01
Verse. Schmid (Germany) +1.09
Kristoffersen (Norway) +1.11
Im Willer (Austria) +1.48
Maurice (Switzerland) +1.52
R. Windingstad (Norvegia) +1.68
s. Prinsteiner (Austria) +1.68
Mr. Vivre (France) +1.70
R. Radamus (USA) +1.76
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De Aliprandini opens! Get back on the podium

broken taboo

The first blue podium of the season in the men’s field, the first podium for Luca de Alibrandini in his career, at the age of 31. Blardone was the last blue to beat Gran Risa now 10 years ago, when Max completed a legendary trio of successes on the track that began in 2005 and continued in 2009. The last podium instead was Florian Eisath in 2016.

Odermatt ingiocabile

In front of everyone there is a frankly unplayable Marco Odermatt: according to Sunday, the Swiss do not look at anyone in skiing on Monday. His second heat is generous, a real pleasure for skiing: Giant slalom is a thing for him, as in a World Cup, if it continues like this. In third place, behind De Alibrandini, we find excellent Alexander Schmid (Germany), on the first podium of his career, while Kristofferson asserts himself as a returning horse, taking fourth place over Manuel Villier.

The other Italians

So much enthusiasm for Pippo Della Vite, born in 2001 that he can count on his fan club upon arrival: he’s put himself in 20th place and earn important points for the rest of his career. Giovanni Borsotti finished 21st while Simone Morberger closed in 28th.

Favrut fall

The boot is fired, Favrot falls…and never stops!

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Alpine skiing

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Alta Badia

De Alibrandini finally got on the podium: all his joy

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