Capital gains to bite the Federal Court: “Juventus punished with 15 points” – Football

Capital gains to bite the Federal Court: “Juventus punished with 15 points” – Football

The capital gains process is reopened again and only Juventus pays. And because of the sting: – 15 points in the standings and all managers convicted. After more than four hours of deliberation, the Federal Court of Appeal not only accepted the request to return Juventus to the dock, but also increased the penalties requested by Chief Public Prosecutor Giuseppe Chen. It is a real tsunami on the standings (Alegre’s Bianconeri fell from third to tenth place) and on the future of the club, which is now waiting for a possible second sporting experience, derived from the new investigative documents for Brisma, in addition to the possible sanctions threatened by UEFA. for violating the principle of financial fair play. Meanwhile, the new Juventus after Agnelli found itself serving penalties for old problems: and it was only in the first days of the “rule”, that the Federal Court of Appeal was called to evaluate the reopening of the court. A sports trial involving eight other clubs in addition to Juventus, which ended in acquittal last May.

For Sampe, Genoa, Parma, Empoli, Old Novara, Pisa, Pescara and Pro Vercelli, there is no condemnationAs in the first procedure. It seems that Chinè was already a strong hold, who opened the hearing with all the participants remotely: the sporting prosecution in fact asked for 9 penalty points for black and white, 16 months’ suspension for Andrea Agnelli (for two days ex-president of the club), 20 and 10 days for Parachi 10 months for Cherubini, 12 for all other directors. “The penalty must be painful, Juventus in the standings must now finish behind Roma, outside the European Cup Winners’ Zone,” the prosecutor called the request during the indictment.

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“It seems to us that the acceptance of the application for annulment by the Federal Court of Appeal constitutes manifestly unequal treatment at the expense of Juventus and its directors compared to any other club or member.” Juventus club lawyers, Bilacuzza, Sangeorgiou and Aba, announced the matter to ANSA. “We await reading of the reasons for submitting the appeal to the College of Sport Assurance: we confirm that Juventus is the only one accused of violating a rule, which the Sports Justice recognized as non-existent. This is a flagrant injustice“.

Juventus “awaits the publication of the reasons and announces the appeal to the College of Sports Assurance regarding the Sports Justice Law.” Juventus FC writes it in a note. The Federal Court of Appeal announced the acceptance of the appeal for annulment and overturned the ruling of the Federal Court of Appeal of May 27, 2022 and ordered a fine of 15 points in the standings of Juventus in the current season and the temporary ban of DS Cherubini, 16 months for carrying out activities within FIFA, with an extension request for UEFA and FIFA “.

“The appeal is inadmissible”, the words of the Bianconeri’s defence In the absence of “new facts” compared to the trial that took place months ago, which acquitted everyone. Juventus lawyers relied on the legal principle that “no person can be prosecuted or convicted under the jurisdiction of the same country for an offense for which he has already been acquitted or convicted.” FIGC, defeated in the first round over the capital gains case, had wanted to reopen the case in light of the criminal investigation into Prisma of the Turin prosecutor’s office, an investigation crammed with objections, documents and a “black book” . FP’, with operations specifically ex DS Paratici market.

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“None of the elements assessed by the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office” in the context of transfer market operations “indicate an artificially excessive assessment of the sporting performance rights of players in the aforementioned processes, which renders today’s appeal wholly unfounded” keep Juventus defence. Who did more cross-examination with the prosecutor during the hearing on the use of capital gains: Chen asserted that, according to the indictment, the defendants served to cover losses; Defenders of the Black and White Club responded that the capital gains involved, amounting to 60 million, represented only 3.6% of revenue. In particular, they asserted, that in the years indicated by the prosecution, the company called for 700 million increase in capital, and over three years made revenue of 1675 million and of the total 323 million in capital gains, 60 million disputed by Cheney is 18% of Total revenue, and specifically, 3.6% of revenue.

For Juventus, Calciopoli is new: Directors are also paid even if they are now ex: 24 months in Agnelli, 30 in Paratici and 16 months in DS Cherubini8 months, too, by Paolo Garemberti: more than Chen asked for. Juventus is dropping in the standings, and amid the penal trials (there is also the story of false accounting) it is also taking risks in Europe.

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