Euroleague, AC Milan win in Barcelona

Euroleague, AC Milan win in Barcelona

The match ends with a score of 73-75 in the fireworks final, where Delaney’s hat-trick made the difference. Super also Rodriguez, top scorer with 18 points

The achievements of Olympia, who moved to Barcelona thanks to an amazing choral performance (73-75). A balanced match with Milan, which controls some sections that contain a big return for the Catalans in the third period. In the final Olympia put the arrow with Rodriguez and Delaney as champions, excellent influence for Milli and Bentel, the great Couric is not enough for the hosts.


A very intense immediate challenge with Milan strongly defending on the outside of the Blaugrana, 5-5 after the high pitches of Rodriguez and Mili. The Catalan players warm their hands with Coric and Laprovittola in the scoring net in a game that is still low-scoring, 8-5. Two Hole errors give immediate space to Kiel who immediately gets to work, the red and white wall holds together and Rodriguez tops 8-10. AX who silences the hosts for more than 5 minutes, Sanli and Smits open Barcelona but he always shows Chacho, 14 equals the first siren. The pace of the match does not go up, a factor very welcome by Olympia. The quality of Milan’s defense does not decrease and the triple front from Bentil leads to a new bypass for AX, 21-22. Defensive pressure for guests who don’t offer easy possessions for Barcelona is simply perfect, Rodriguez feels the atmosphere of an Iberian “derby” and hits the red-and-white advantage to 7, 25-32 stamped by Bentel who was caught in the middle of Tarczewski. A call from Mirotic doesn’t change the plot that has been dominated by coach Messina’s men, 28-34 after the unending magic of Rodriguez.

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After the long break Milan had maximum advantage but it was a flash, Blaugrana’s angry reaction dragged on by Davies and Mirotic led to overtaking Coric in the transition, 37-36. He’s not giving up AX, Davis’ third (questionable) foul doesn’t change the board, plus Couric 6, 44-38. The Catalans’ advantage goes up to 9 (Koric is always on the scoresheet) but AX still had the energy and heart to stay in touch, Delaney proudly for 6, 47-41 at least. Jasekevici’s long kicks are loaded with fouls (Sanli’s fourth penalty), the “youngsters” are what make the Lithuanian coach happy, and Korec always has the first two-digit margin, 51-41. Milan never tames though with the second coach on the bench: Grant found two precious clowns, 54-47 on the penultimate siren for Jokubaitis. Bentel’s energy is a factor in Milan’s new revival, the nearly impenetrable red-and-white fortress of Blaugrana’s attack returns, and Hines returns the challenge to just one possession, 54-51. Olimpia’s recovery continues always affecting altitude 56 with a claw of Hines, Delaney makes the AX fly through the sky, 58-59. The hosts respond with a fiery final, and Rodriguez and Delaney drive the Blaugrana outfield frenzy, with a score of 63-65. Olimpia gets his hands on the bout, Millie is a demon in defense, Hall’s blitzkrieg project, 65-70. Barcelona has one last roar with the usual Couric but the skewed arrow of ex-Delaney to freeze Palaublaugrana, 70-74. Mirotic scores from three but the time is late, Millie makes 1/2 of the line, the miracle does not reach the whistle of Laprovittola, 73-75.

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Barcelona: Couric 22, Mirotic 18, Davis 11
Milan ax: Rodriguez 18, Delaney 15, Hall, Heinz, Mille-e-Pentelle 8

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