Champion Liverpool – Napoli 2-0, Bayern Munich – Inter 2-0 – football

Champion Liverpool – Napoli 2-0, Bayern Munich – Inter 2-0 – football

Liverpool – Napoli 2-0. Despite the defeat, the first of the season, Spalletti’s team closes first in its group record Bayern Munich defeats Inter 2-0. Targets, at point 32′ by Pavard, on the street at 27′ by Chubu-Moting. record

Napoli lost to Anfield (2-0) and lost the undefeated season, but still won first place in the Champions League group. In order to overtake the Azzurri in the standings, Liverpool had to win at least four goals. Napoli’s defeat in the last minutes of the match matures with two equal actions. The header of an English striker in the center of the penalty area on a football from the flag, with conclusions that Merritt saved and touched in the net another player from Liverpool. In the 40th minute it is Salah who scores and in the seventh minute of recovery Nunez scored, an excessive punishment for the Spalletti team that does not give up and faces the Reds equally and without fear. Spalletti is relying on a more solid midfield in which they are playing together for the first time, on the sides of Lobotka, Anguise and Ndombele. Klopp responded by changing the traditional 4-3-3 method to 4-4-2 with Jones placing the young man on the left outside the left lane and with the attacking match entrusted to the duo Salah Firmino. The match with Liverpool was banned which puts them on a level of fitness and thus trying to impose their game. But Naples is not so much crushed. Spalletti’s team fights back and hit to hit. The first half is very tactical and that makes the game unsurprising, with very few chances that both teams have been able to get to take the lead. The only real emotion, in the early part of the match, comes with a shot from the edge of the penalty area from Thiago Alcantara, in the 29th minute rejected by Meret after a flight to his left. In the second half, the competitive depth of the match increases dramatically. Napoli scores after 8′ with a header from Ostegaard from a free kick from the left flanked by Kvaratskhelia, but the referee canceled after a signal from VAR after a check that lasted several minutes because the position of the Napoli defender is irregular for a. a few centimeters. The game is more open but despite the greater tendency of both teams to play offensive, the scoring opportunities come with the dropper. Kvaratskhelia tries with a shot that was saved by Alison and then Salah with a scrum shot, Merit does not particularly worry. In the final, Spalletti made Kvaratskhelia and Lobotka breathe and after a few minutes he reached the goal of supremacy for Liverpool. The Azores react very badly, perhaps because they feel they do not deserve the disadvantage, but they are unable to build serious opportunities. The match ends with the last joke condemning Napoli but only with the result because in the end those who can really rejoice are the Napolitans who, thanks to the five victories already achieved, have won first place in the standings and can now hope for the best results. Withdrawal.

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Inter Milan fall in Munich, but a defeat that does not hurt much for the Nerazzurri, Simone Inzaghi. Pavard and Chubo-Moting give the Bavarians the three points, who are making history by closing out the group with six wins in six games for the second straight season (and third in the past four years). Inter, already qualified and sportingly confirmed already in second place behind German Nagelsmann, had little or nothing to claim the Allianz Arena challenge, as Inzaghi gave space to some second streak such as Bellanova and Asllani, setting him several rests among the holders. However, it was the beginning of the Nerazzurri for those who did not come in Germany on the excursion. Barilla sparkled immediately, with two dangerous conclusions off the edge in the first few minutes. The second, however, was blocked by Mane with his own hands: Slovak referee Kruzliak in Var, however, did not award the penalty, despite the Nerazzurri’s protests. Bayern is growing, but Inter still poses the biggest risks with Lautaro who, served by Goossens, failed to break the deadlock. However, the Bavarians came out from a distance after the Nerazzurri’s good start, and dominated the match. And in their first great opportunity they pass thanks to Pavard, who took advantage of the opportunity that Lautaro was able to reconsider to defeat Onana with a header from a corner kick. Inter did not find a consistent reaction, on the contrary, Nagelsmann’s men still appeared dangerously in the Onana parts with Manè and Coman. In the second half, the Nerazzurri found a draw with Acerbi, but that’s an illusion given that the former Lazio starts from an offside position. It is in fact the last flash for Inter, because Bayern are in control of the match without excessive concern. Finding, in fact, the target of doubling down with a great result from Choupo-Moting distance that slides into the seven to the right of Onana. A goal effectively closes the match apart from two potential chances for Edin Dzeko, also because Inzaghi is looking forward to Sunday’s match against Juventus by allowing some of the top players to rest and avoid problems in a cautious switch (it was Lautaro Martinez and Bastoni) towards the second. The final round. On Monday, the Nerazzurri will meet their opponent, but in the meantime we need to think about the championship again, with the Italian derby another essential challenge to continue striving for a return in the standings.

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