Silence S04, the electric mini car with futuristic design – Virgilio Motori

Silence S04, the electric mini car with futuristic design – Virgilio Motori

A big, powerful car that was fearsome on the road was almost every motorist’s dream. Indeed, showing off a four-wheeled beast on the city streets has always been the desire of many, but more often than not, it has remained so. Because wanting to be noticed behind the wheel is good, but you also have to deal with traffic and above all with means that must increasingly be environmentally sustainable.

the solution? In recent years, small cars have gained increasing prominence, and today, with mobility moving increasingly toward electrification, they are the preferred choice. And try to intercept the Italian mobility factory market interest excelentia He bakes himself Silent Nano S04the car that was presented as a prototype in the 2021 edition of Eicma.

A solution for crowded cities

Raise your hand if you’re tired of spending more time in traffic or looking for a parking space than driving. This seems to have been a request made by Exelentia during the design phase, which by analyzing data on daily trips and average time spent in the vehicle did not fail to notice how a quad bike could be the solution to the problem.

And to keep up with the times, as the sector shifts more and more towards electrification, why not develop one A fully electric mini car He could move freely, easily and without any problem even in the ZTL of Italian cities. From these and many other assumptions, the Silence S04 was born, a nanocar with a futuristic design, premium equipment and innovative solutions such as a removable battery.

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The result of a well-defined field selection by the Spanish manufacturer Silence, namely the creation of NEV starting fromExperience with zero-emission motorcyclesthe nanocar has been approved as an L7e non-lightweight quad bike.

S04 It is small in sizewith a length of 2,282 mm and a width of 1,268, are ideal for getting around town, but above all for parking solutions.

Great designs

Certified for two people, the Silence S04 is equipped with Two nominal 11.2 kWh lithium-ion batteries, which guarantees a range of 149 km according to the WMTC cycle with an energy consumption of 119 W / km. The futuristic style of the bodywork is characterized by a skilful combination of taut lines and broad curves, like those of the mudguards, that give the S04 a dynamic and solid air for handling urban traffic with style.

Available at a list price of 16,650 euros with a white metal body, as an electric quad bike State benefits from Ecobonus allowing a discount on the invoice of 30% or 40% in the event of scrapping, unless the available funds have been exhausted.

But viewed in detail, the large LED daytime running lights cannot fail to attract the eye, creating a captivating light signature, improving visibility in all conditions and electrically adjustable rear-view mirrors that provide valid support when parking. Comfortable for driver and passenger too Thanks to the comfortable seats, the 247-liter capacity allows you to store everything you need for your daily commute in the trunk.

The robust tubular steel frame and plastic material body ensure torsional rigidity and light weight, ensuring safety and driving precision.

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