How to recognize it and what to do

How to recognize it and what to do

Beware of a new scam that in recent weeks has targeted thousands of INPS users. The scam arrives via email and points to an external page where you are asked to enter your bank account details to receive a fake refund. Let’s see how to be wary of such situations.

INPS: New email scam in the past weeks. The institute warns its users against a new extortion attempt: the e-mail message contains a file A reference to an external linkwhere the user is asked to Enter your bank details to redeem €713.

But, as defined by the INPS, there is no response. we see How to identify the scam And which of them are the only ones? Safe Communication Channels used by the institute.

The new INPS scam: What the message says

Computer cyber crime team hacked

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here it is New phishing email text for INPS It has already reached thousands of Italian citizens:

Dear customer,

Through this contact, we inform you that our automatic INPS system has indicated that you meet all requirements and conditions for a refund of € 713.00 on taxes and / or contributions paid in 2021.

However, we tried to pay the indicated amount by bank transfer but the process was unsuccessful because your bank details in our possession are incorrect or incomplete.

To complete the payment process, please visit our website to update your bank details.

Continue on the dedicated page

Waiting for your kind reply

We send our sincere greetings



In any case, INPS does not obtain bank details or other data that make it possible to track financial information over the phone or regular email. Thus, this message and any other similar emails are considered gods scam attempts.

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INPS: Secure Communication Channels

12 inch ring

INPS, for security reasons, Never send email communications Contains download attachments or clickable links.

The channels used by the Institute for official communications are as follows:

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  • short messagewhich never contains links but requests an action to be performed by accessing the INPS Online Services using their credentials;
  • Phone callbut only in cases of booking access to branch offices that have a telephone connection and in the case of calls from call center operators and mobile branch operators for communication campaigns towards citizens in connection with audit visits;
  • paper letters;
  • digital documentation in Online mailbox;
  • Notices in the reserved area my inps;
  • communication through PEC . mail to the user.

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