How and how much does it cost to open a VAT number

How and how much does it cost to open a VAT number

The procedure to follow to open a VAT number is very simple, but there are some mandatory requirements that you should keep in mind. Let’s see in the following article how to do this and what different costs will be incurred.

when you decide Open the VAT number It is good to make an accurate assessment of economic comfort, where there are gods Costs to be incurred Especially for the maintenance of the same.

Let’s see in detail the procedure to be followed for opening a VAT number.

How to open a VAT number

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for Open the VAT number It is necessary in the first place Inland Revenue Notice of Commencementinside 30 days From the first day of activity, with a specific announcement, it is placed on Form AA9/7 (sole proprietorship and self-employed) or on Form AA7/7 (company). Both forms can be downloaded from the revenue agency’s website.

Forms can be displayed in different ways:

  • By going to the revenue agency office with a specific identification document;
  • Send by registered letter with the return receipt, with a copy of the attached identification document;
  • Submit electronically, using the specified software available on the Revenue Agency website.

When you open the VAT number, you need to choose:

  • The ATECO . Code which indicates the specific activity that was performed;
  • The Accounting system type between fixed and regular price.

Once you send the location advertisement, the purchase price, which will remain the same until the end of the activity. Finally, you will need to go to INPS to open your own account retirement position.

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VAT number: the costs to be incurred

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Open a basic VAT number It costs nothingbut there are pounds maintenance costs, In addition to registration in the Chamber of Commerce due to whoever registers a sole proprietorship. These are the main costs:

  • who should Registration of a company in the Chamber of Commerce Pay tolls nearby 80/100 euros per year. To these expenses must be added the cost of the accountant (about 1,000 euros per year), INPS contributions, as well as Irpef and Irap taxes, calculated respectively on income and value-added produced;
  • for VAT numbers in a supported flat rate system Annual maintenance cost increases From 200 to 800 euros Plus VAT, depending on what kind of advice the taxpayer needs;
  • for VAT numbers in a simplified accounting system (Sole proprietorship and partnerships) Price goes up, uneven From 900 to 5000 Euro per year according to the volume of activity carried out;
  • for VAT numbers under the normal accounting system (Companies and partnerships in excess of certain sales volumes plus joint stock companies) we go From 3000 to 10000 euros every year.

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