Smartphone batteries, the European Union no longer bows to China, here are the details of the new energy plan

Smartphone batteries, the European Union no longer bows to China, here are the details of the new energy plan

The European Union has expressed itself emphatically on the issue of smartphone batteries, announcing a historic decision destined to change the market forever.

Even the most critical of European institutions would have to agree that the EU always adopts the group policies they have The interests of users in the center Against the excessive power of multinational corporations. The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, a strict transparency regulation about the collection and use of data by websites that every company must comply with, is an excellent example. In addition to protecting our privacy, the European Union also cares about its citizens’ wallets, having repeatedly banned business practices harmful to end users.

The EU decided to see clearly on the battery issue as well

Even your final decision was made in light of this, and related to an issue Smartphone batterieswhich was revisited into a final decision that all high-tech producers must henceforth follow.

Smartphone batteries hit Europe

Anyone old enough to experience the advent of the first cell phones in the 1990s fondly remembers how easy it was Replace the battery. All mobile phone models contain Removable shellwhich allowed quick access to both the SIM compartment and the device’s battery, which could be easily removed and replaced in the event of a malfunction.

With the advent of smartphones, the situation has certainly changed: Practically all modern devices are enclosed in a welded and motionless body, which obviously brings advantages: ease of assembly, waterproofing, greater dust protection and so on. However, there is also a clear disadvantage for the end user, who can no longer open the device and remove the battery. This may seem like a problem as long as the device is working properly.

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Removable battery in smartphones.  Dream or reality?
Removable battery in smartphones. Dream or reality?

but What happens if the battery starts to work? In this case the choice is mandatory: go to the manufacturer’s technical assistance. In fact, many times even normal repair centers are not able to open the bodies of the latest devices without damaging them, and in any case, entrusting a smartphone to someone who is not a certified technician is almost always equivalent to having it voided. a guarantee. Undoubtedly, the smartphone battery is inaccessible Played in favor of the economic interests of producersAt the expense of end users, that is, all of us.

Historic decision

But now things are about to change, at least in Europe: In fact, the European Parliament has put in place new regulations for battery design, production and disposal. This will include, among other things, a commitment to making batteries easily accessible and replaceable by end users.

Europe is increasing the proportion of recycled batteries
Europe is increasing the proportion of recycled batteries

These new measures are designed not only to save users money, but also to protect the environment Facilitate recycling of spent batteries, which can still be recovered Rare lands It is contained in it, or rather, these substances that form the basis for the production of modern electrical circuits that make up microprocessors and other essential components of our modern computer systems.

Obviously, this isn’t a change of pace that can happen overnight: Hardware manufacturers will need time to adapt their assembly lines and design departments to European orders, but the road is being tracked for now. The new rules will come into effect 3 and a half years after they are approved, which is being developed in recent months. So, in a few years, we’ll finally be able to replace our smartphone batteries with a few simple gestures. A victory for us and the environment!

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