Homemade trick to remove bad odor from inside the car

Homemade trick to remove bad odor from inside the car

It is known that one of the most unpleasant sensations for drivers who get into their car is to do so, and this inside is permeated with not entirely pleasant honor.

This meaning does not take into account that the most normal thing is that this does not happen inside the car, but if some liquid has been spilled, or a pet has traveled inside it or for some reason some event has left an unpleasant smell inside the car, this does not mean that It is quite easy for the pain to disappear.

Among other things because automotive materials, especially seats, tend to absorb odors quite effectively, which helps them to smell very good for many years if there is no problem in this regard, and also that it is not easy to eliminate this unpleasant odor in any case. .

An effective trick to remove bad odor from the car

If we find ourselves in a situation where we want to get rid of the bad smell in the car, there are different ways to do this, although some are more effective than others.

One of the biggest mistakes is to apply an air freshener, among others, because in addition to being a completely unhealthy product, what it does is cover the bad smell with another scent, which ultimately leads to the production of a completely unhealthy mixture. Not nice.

Therefore, one of the best tips in this case is to take a cup, fill it with bicarbonate, and leave it inside the car for at least 14 hours with the windows closed. This way, unless the smell is very intense, it is very likely that the bad smell will go away by removing the bowl.

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A little trick that is not too expensive either, which is obviously always welcome, and even more so in relation to the car, which always ends up costing a lot.

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