Science worker and health ambassador

Science worker and health ambassador

Sicilian origins, adopted by Asti. Doctor, lecturer and science communicator, professor George Calabrese He’s a well-known face on television, but he’s also an author, journalist, writer, and columnist for magazines and newspapers. Numerous and prestigious scientific roles, without forgetting the commitment to solidarity.

Then there is Giorgio Calabrese The father of the Mediterranean diet“In my professional history, I became her father and her ambassador”: “I also wrote to Barack Obama: I sent him the model of the Mediterranean diet. His wife, Michelle, responded and my project was put into the program. At that time I was already on a commission from the Ministry of Health. I consider myself a “science worker” who has been doing this work for more than 40 years.

The guest of the “La Stampa with you” interview, today, Tuesday, May 30, was interviewed by the journalist Luca Ferroa, director of Il Gusto, Giorgio Calabrese will start directly from the Mediterranean diet: “The Mediterranean diet is increasingly important in our health, but it is increasingly abandoned by Italians – Calabrese predicts – because we have all become Americans, those who follow a high-protein or keto diet, Those from artificial meat and formula milk.” Instead, the Mediterranean diet “is the main way to ensure health and a long life,” and is able to protect against cardiovascular disease, tumors, obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

But we’re not just going to talk about the Mediterranean diet: «I will treat the relationship with food as a way of life and I will attack artificial foods, which is a great risk that we must not take. It is not true that artificial is an option to defend the environment, above all we do not worry about the harm that occurs to the consumer ».

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As he said on several occasions, the professor repeats that “it is necessary first to complete scientific studies, find out what their effects on health might be, and then determine whether they can be produced and sold. I am against the use of artificial meat not because I want to prevent research, but because I want to direct it, so that it is ethical and moral.” We will also talk about wine and health: “You drink water, you taste wine” is a phrase that Professor Calabrese never tires of repeating. On the moderate and conscious use of wine, against its demonization. It is not true that it seriously harms health: in the last 30 years, more than 236,000 scientific publications have testified to the quality of wine, for the brain as well as for the heart. It is necessary to educate about correct consumption, wine has a positive effect if ingested At the right dose, let’s consider the important antioxidant role of polyphenols. It is necessary to start over from nutritional educationNT at all levels». And look at UNESCO’s 8,000-year-old Mediterranean Heritage system: “a diet that considers us a leading country in longevity along with Japan.”

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