The best foods to increase muscle mass in the gym

The best foods to increase muscle mass in the gym

September arrives and normality also returns in the gym. It's time to resume “fitness” routines and return to the usual loads to increase/maintain muscle mass. Do you want to gain muscle quickly? Not a fan of nutritional supplements? This is your topic.

There are a number of foods that Its properties are ideal for gaining muscle during the day if you go to the gym. A study conducted by Cell Reports concluded that breakfast is the best time of day to “load” and therefore be able to train with greater intensity to strengthen your body.

Gyms are already operating normally after coronavirus SD

The best time of day for muscles

The priority to be able to train well and gain muscle and muscle index should be good nutrition. If you don't have time problems or can organize yourself, there are different studies that highlight the benefits of training in the morning, after breakfast.

and why is that? Well, because breakfast is the food that should be the most important in your diet, and because if you choose a good, high-protein menu, its effects can be key to converting body fat into muscle. In your training.

Picture of muscle routine in the gym

in general, It is recommended to include one gram of protein per 2.2 kilograms in your exercise routine What you weigh, although the scale varies by study. Whatever the case, it is better to consult this number with a specialist (sports nutritionist) to adjust your loads according to your training.

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Protein-packed foods to go to the gym

What happens if you don't want to take supplements? There is not a problem. You will have to eat more. There are a number of foods recommended for gaining strength and muscle in your training routines.

We recommend up to nine suggestions, which you can include either in breakfast or in a meal before carrying out your exercise routine.

  • cheese

  • Greek yogurt/protein/fresh whipped cheese

  • Egg whites

  • Tito

  • Tito's bacon

  • Black beans

  • Butter again

  • Smoked salmon

  • Tofu (ideal for vegetarian diets)

Protein after training

What if you don't want to train with a lot of food in your stomach? The same study confirms that protein also affects your muscles and adapts to your muscular system after exercise.

Whatever the case, we stress: if you are going to incorporate excess protein into your diet, consult your menu with a specialist. He will become your best ally.

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