Miami beats Boston in Game 7 and goes to the NBA Finals against Denver

Miami beats Boston in Game 7 and goes to the NBA Finals against Denver

In critical heat challenge clean up the garden. Tatum immediately hurt his ankle and the Celtics folded. The match-up with Jokic’s Nuggets on Thursday begins with the first game

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Jimmy Butler promised that after losing to Boston in Game 7 a year ago. “We will come back here and next time we will win.” no sooner said than done. 12 months later, another Game 7 against Boston, another Eastern Conference Final, with fields reversed, pulling Miami to win at the Park. The Heat erased their dominance 103-84 from start to finish. closing the series 4-3, turning the mockery of Game 6 into competitive rage. So the 2023 Finals will be between Denver and Miami. Thursday, June 1, on Italian Night, the first race will take place in Colorado. It will be Jokek vs. Butler. Two heroes of the chorus, never underestimate them. One of them will put the ring on his first finger, and thus get a place on Olympus, among the gods of the world of baskets.

Miami masterpiece

Butler, sure. By force. Group leader, he was elected MVP of the series. But the achievement of The Heat, just the n second seed. 8 of each era to reach the Finals (after the 1999 Knicks), the team that had the worst offense in the regular season, and who was forced into game two to get to the playoffs, is incredible. He eliminated heavily favored Milwaukee, Team Antitokonmo, in the first round. And then that big market: the New York Knicks. Finally, despite losing three in a row, the Celtics managed to come back and dominate away. Coach Spoelstra, at Final Seven, deserves a memorial in South Beach, right on the beach. The heroes not selected in the draft, Gabe Vincent and above all Caleb Martin, were from a fantasy novel. Then there’s Pat Riley, the great puppeteer. The staff, united, follows the field captain and one off the bench. Injured Herro and Oladipo were missing from the start of the series, however… no excuses. applause.

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Boston collapse

a surprise. thunderous. Makes noise. For the second year, the right train passed in front of the Celtics, unable to catch up. They certainly put themselves in a deep hole. Damn deep. Down 0-3 in the series. And now the statistic is 151 out of 151: no one in the NBA has been able to make up for this deficit in the playoff series. But then they managed the score, the fourth team to ever score, and the first to have a game point at home. Instead he became a torment in front of his audience, if any. Tatum sprained his left ankle early in the game and then became a bogey, the Browns became a spinning machine like he had been on his worst days, and Coach Mazzola was Coach Mazzola, a mediocre rookie who was soon benched to fix Udoka’s mess. And Brogdon, seriously wounded, could not stand it. The justifications are there, but losing by 20 points at home without being in the game at all… would be a huge blow to absorb and evaluate, looking ahead.

the match

Boston starts 0-12 from 3 points. 22-15 Miami At the end of the first quarter, the Celtics held out only thanks to the offensive rebound. Butler with 6 points, the district defense does the rest. Boston doesn’t care about the ball, cardinal sin, Tatum spits every time he lands after the high, his ankle seems to affect him, he scores the first basket with 7′ to play in the second quarter. We see Brogdon again, who missed Race 6 due to injury, but he is not able to compete in this way. It’s 52-41 Miami at halftime. Martin scored 14 points, his career most in the playoffs, after 24 minutes. Miami shoots 8/16 from 3 points in the middle of the game. White’s “trena”, the only one who didn’t betray, halved the Celtics’ weakness from 16 to 8 points. But Lowry brings the “voiced” points off the bench and Miami leads by double digits after 36′, 76-66. 7-0 to open the last period the game ends. Be listed for victory for the heat competition. Park knocks, shocked, disappointed and angry. With 2′ to play, Mazzulla calls the starters to the bench. I finish. The miracle has arrived. But it’s not Boston’s historic comeback. If anything, it’s Miami at the Garden, winning for the third time in the series. to rub your eyes.

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the words

Butler, conference finalist MVP, is dissatisfied, relaunching: “We stayed united as a group in the tough moments, now we’re happy, but dissatisfied, we’ve got four more to win.” Our faces.” And a reserved seat on the return flight to Gokic.

Boston: Brown 19 (7/14, 1/9, 272 TL), White 18, Tatum 14. Rebounds: Tatum 11. Assists: Brown 5.

You used to love me: Butler 28 (9/21, 3/7, 1/2 tl), Martin 26, Adebayo 12. Follows: Martin/Adebayo 10. Assists: Adebayo 7. Riccardo Pratese

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