“Science Says” by Biella Criss and CNA Biella: Over 180 Teaching and Learning Conference Attendees – BI.T Quotidiano

“Science Says” by Biella Criss and CNA Biella: Over 180 Teaching and Learning Conference Attendees – BI.T Quotidiano

The fourth session of the conference took place on Saturday 11 March in the Città Studi hall “science says” organized byThe Biella Association is growingfor the first time with Biella CNA. More than 180 people attended the event dedicated to teaching and learning, in which the artist was present as a speaker Daniel LowFounders of Biella Cresce Valeria Russo and Rodolfo CavalierCommunication expert Matthew Luciani And the teacher Fosca Jacob.

The moment when five children and teenagers told their success stories after school difficulties was particularly exciting. Those who did not attend can review recordings of sermons by joining biellacresce.it.

According to the regional advisor Elena ChiorinoPresent at the event: “Thanks to Biella, new talents have emerged in this field and beyond. It’s not a detail that we do the math with you with a smile, especially if we think about what skills will be needed in the near future to enter the world of work. The policy must give visibility and valorization of local excellence through tangible projects, just as it happens with the supply chain academies, promoted by the Piedmont region.”

Jonathan Perali, President of CNA Biella that last year awarded the “Bimbo Faber” award to Biella Cresce, quotes an article by Professor Carlo Enrico Bottani in which he writes that the most important impact on society stems from the workshops where students and students coexist. Then he commented: “That is why we are here today, because master craftsmen are a privilege made in Italy and we must be able to create a mix between masters and students to pass on knowledge to future generations.”

The speakers’ interventions began with a dialogue between the artist Daniel Low and co-founder of Biella Cresce Rodolfo Cavalier On the educational value of beauty: “We tend to see beauty as an aesthetic truth, and therefore more superficial, but the value of beauty lies in the tension towards truth, or in the beauty of the soul.”

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Matthew Luciania communications expert who has collaborated with Biella Cresce for years, shares the basic structures of narrative and shows the questions to ask to get to know yourself better through creative writing: “Because inventing a story always means submerging our hands and illuminating something. We don’t know what it is, but it’s on the page we just wrote. And it will remain there, if we do not read it again and ask ourselves some questions about ourselves ».

the teacher Fosca Jacob Talk about the prevalence of anxiety and stress among younger people: “Unrest, which unfortunately increased exponentially after the Covid pandemic. But there is a possibility of applying mindfulness interventions at school to reduce these disorders, as shown by various scientific studies ».

At this point, there are four violinist students Suzuki Biella SchoolAna Camorati, Ariana Carta Zina, David Martina, Giorgia Milano played some tracks including Javots by Bach e Waltz by Brahms.

Valeria Russoa learning educator and coach, then talked about the improvements in mathematical learning, also emphasizing the importance of the relationship: “Because we demand a huge effort from these children who are trying to overcome the difficulties they face, that is, to confront their mistakes. And that’s why it’s so important for us to communicate that we can do this together, and to stand by them in the face of those mistakes.”

Then two sofas were placed on the stage where five young men who had participated in Biella Cresce’s promotions in recent years took their seats. They bravely shared their personal stories of success after many hardships at school.

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Close the event Rodolfo Cavalierthe learning coach and coach, who talked about the virtuous circle of creative learning that he looked at Mitchell ResnickFinally, by appeal: «Now that you know it, you no longer accept training by concentrating only on some segments of this circuit, nor receive training like this. Never leave what you have learned on the shelves, but always feel inside a virtuous circle of creative learning.”


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