“Noi di Centro”, demonstration on Saturday in the City of Science in Naples

“Noi di Centro”, demonstration on Saturday in the City of Science in Naples

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Naples – “Start again from the center. For Italy, for Italians.” This is the theme of the national demonstration of Noi Di Centro, the party of Clemente Mastella, which will take place on Saturday 4 June in Naples, from 10 am in the Città della Scienza. The hub will be the driving force for the discussion but we’ll also be talking about the economy, business, families and work. In short, it will be a very interesting morning”, explains National Secretary Mastella who will conclude the work interviewed by Massimo Adenolfi, columnist at Il Foglio and Il Mattino, and Marco de Marco, columnist at Il Corriere della Sera. There will be space for discussion about the possibility of assembling the Center in One party run by Mario Agello, columnist for Il Messaggero, with interventions by Gaetano Quagliariello, National Coordinator for Italy at the centre, Annamaria Parente, Head of Health Committee of the Italian Senate Viva, and Giorgio Merlo, National President of Noa di Centro.Poll maker Antonio Noto will speak about the future of Center Issues related to work and the economy will be entrusted to the testimonies of Costanzo Janotti Picci, President of Confindustria Napoli, and Doriana Bonavita, Secretary General of CISL in Campania.

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