‘His energy was contagious’ –

‘His energy was contagious’ –
Singer-songwriter El Modini joined the community’s collective memory in a video posted to Instagram. – Metropolinotizie.it

Vasco moved visibly in the video statement posted on social media, as he talks about his relationship with his friend who disappeared 10 years ago.

When viewed without sound, it seems clear that in most cases Recently He posted the video to his Instagram profile at “Blasco‘, an affectionate nickname for singer Vasco Rossi, both of which are about He cries.

The message of the Star of Modena dedicated to the community”San Benedetto al Porto“, which since 1963 has been involved in welcoming and supporting Rehabilitation and reintegration of people with problems Drug Addiction And homeless. A double anniversary, the one for the community, which celebrates its 60th birthday in 2023 but is also facing so much more. sad: that of disappearance Don Andrea Galloits founder.

number selectiveDon Andrea’s Name: Activist, Educator, and Proud peacefulwas talked about from the first years of activity, and during his career he was repeatedly identified as a personality controversial Within the catholic christian community precisely because of its eccentricity recklessness.

It will never happen again fond They remember him for his good deeds, and keep him Jealously memory of most of his moments intimate. Vasco wanted to give one to the fans with his latest post.

“He was special, his energy was infectious. He had that strain that creates bridges, not walls.”

In the video, the singer talks about Don Andrea Gallo, using the hashtag dedicated to him (#VivaDonGallo) and remember their relationship born of a Emotion Common: Songwriter’s Music Fabrizio D’Andre.

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The famous Faber was a friend of W.C a company From the struggle of the Don. In addition to sharing strong ideals of philanthropy and hospitality Of the less fortunate, the two men boasted of boundless love for their town, Genoa. But where Fabre devoted himself to Genoa through i wordsDon Andrea took a lower profile approach My hair The more “active” and encourage building structures tohospitality From people who are having difficulty in the city of Liguria.

Don Andrea Gallo during an emergency intervention, in 2007. – Metropolinotizie.it

“I have always supported the idea of ​​open societies,” Vasco says of the Don’s work

In remembering Don Andrea Gallo as an activist and figure in political mobilization e socialstrongly supported by him, Vasco keeps a description of him relaxed From memory of a song they sang together at the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa, one evening honor prematurely deceased:Fragile friend“.

The text is, in and of itself, a critique of the “frontal” activity of these privileged people who limit themselves to view One’s willingness to help others when you guarantee them the gesture VisionIt looks like he’s targeting.to hurt“Critics of Don Gallo. Vasco says he sang with and for the Don ”lastpeople he helped, and to keep the memory of that performance asSomething unusual“.

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