Rivellino tells Naples of the 1960s and 1970s

Rivellino tells Naples of the 1960s and 1970s

At Radio Central Naples, during Radio Un Calcio alla, speak Rosario Rivellino, a former Napoli footballer and coach in the 1960s and 1970s.

Here are what he said:At the time, I had the status of a tall football player, and today I am a Dachshund. I played a match against Milan Gullit as a coach and I met Gullit in the locker room, I looked at it and thought, “How can I distinguish it if I play?” It was overrated.

Vinicio’s retreat? I was there by chance, I wasn’t the second Vinicius. However, one evening over dinner, he got a little out of the strict regulations that Vinicius wanted from the point of view of diet and behaviour. Vinicius tightened and asked to return to his bases, otherwise he would have gone. At that time, Naples was lucky enough to have a great captain, GiulianoThey met and accepted the terms of the coach. Vinicius requested the oxygen chamber because of the exhausting preparation they had done, albeit with common sense. The players came out exhausted, walked this path and recovered: since then I have realized that recovery is what matters, more than the training itself. In my ranking, I put Vinicio, Sarri and Spalletti because Vinicio did not have the technical staff now, he did everything on his own.

If you expect this Naples? Nobody expects it, it’s so much fun. Every player intertwines with his teammate next to him, he has become a perfect game, he is a perfect team. The coach is good.

Under construction? It started with Sarri because he has a passion for possession, with Spalletti they do it less, and to do that you need the right players. In Naples we burned a great defender like Maksimovic to play the match from below. It was the same for Manolas too, in Rome everyone played behind him and he was the giant of the defense, always entering without fail. In Naples he got into trouble because he wasn’t quick and fast.

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Kim? I see him well as a defender, in terms of being a man and expecting a man, to see him in some difficulty. Rahamani is the best defender Napoli has, it’s a big loss to be in the hole.

Kfara Plus Meroni or George Best? I think he’s superior to Best, he’s the funny type, Mertens who plays with both feet. He’s tall and plays very well. The only thing to correct – and I understand that he does it – he should play for the team more than himself, he does it not out of spite, but out of instinct. Raspadori and Simeone know where to settle in an atmosphere of rigor to understand where to receive it, such is the luck of Naples.

Anderlecht Naples? I was on the bench with Bisula As we stood screaming for a header, the referee immediately indicated a foul. After that, there was a foul in favor of the opposing team, right next to the bench and there was the possibility of a cross in the penalty area, where should the referee decide? But in the penalty area, he came to settle behind the ball and did not see what was happening in the air, and then they scored a rather accidental goal. Burgnich At the end of the match he was so nervous he kicked the locker room door and knocked him down. Anderlecht’s boss only spoke English, and Ferlaino called me to translate, he said “Vopal is not a sport, it’s a business”, the referee represented his drinking in England and we found out the next day.

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rotation? It’s okay to do it, but it’s really tiring. Perhaps there are those who play a lot and do not feel tired, those with technical deterioration should rest. ”

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