20th Genoa Science Festival kicks off “among the longest and richest in the world” – Primocanale.it

20th Genoa Science Festival kicks off “among the longest and richest in the world” – Primocanale.it

Genoa – Everything is ready for the 20th Science Festival Which celebrates the Round Personal with more than 300 events scheduled from October 20 to November 1, fully back in attendance at the event’s 13 days of conferences, workshops and special events, and an increasingly rich network rooted in the region. This year in Genoa there will be 49 co-locations that will host the festival, with the fantastic return of Palazzo Rosso and the Alliance Française grandmother on Via Garibaldi.

The keyword this year is languages That we “will refuse to explore the use of languages ​​in science but also in society. From the language between man and machine to the language of nature and animals, we will touch on different areas by publishing scientific publishing: science belongs to everyone and it is important to do this to know young and old by explaining it in simple words ‘,” commented on Primocanale Marco PallaviciniPresident of the Science Festival. This will be the task of 500 selected illustrators, including young college students and high school students alternating between school and work.

“Our boys are a very specific feature of this festival: they are not only from Genoa, but they come from all over Italy and among them many have turned this activity into a profession”

After all, one of the exhibition’s goals is specifically to make young people fall in love with scientific subjects, whether to refine it as an interest or to make it work in a way that also affects other areas, such as the field of communication: “Many of them are now science journalists, writers, and national science communication stars and we are especially proud of this.” A real school is open to all, first of all to schools that have already responded with thousands of reservations: a thousand classes have been booked two weeks after the event, with more than 25,000 children from all over Italy coming to Genoa for the occasion.

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Science Festival celebrates 20 years: free conferences for under-20s and many international guests – presentation

Sharing is very simpleOn the website Festivalcienza.it there is the program and the possibility to purchase a ticket or a season pass. This year, the grandmother was to bring more young people to the dates with the wonderful guests expected All conferences will be free for those under 20 years oldjust as the inaugural event is open to all and free at 5 pm at the Palazzo Ducale on Thursday 20 October, which will also be attended by the President of the Scientific Council Alberto Diaspro and Director Fulvia Mangili.

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