Bari Cremonese 1-2: Final score and highlights

Bari Cremonese 1-2: Final score and highlights
  • Thank you for following Bari-Cremonese live with us, see you in the next round of the Second Division!22:30

  • 90'+6'

    game over! Barry Cremonese 1-2 (1' Author Maiello, 66' Kolokolo, 92' Idjuma).22:26

  • 90'+3'

    SIBILLI was booked for foul play on Zanimacchia.22:24

  • 90'+2'

    Goal! Bari-Cremonese 1-2! Friday network. Cross from Cibelli, Giglione's header blocked, Edjuma shoots with his right foot into the area and beats Jongdal.

    Check out Malcom Edjouma's player profile22:23

  • 90'+2'

    Referee Santoro counted five minutes of stoppage time, allowing the match to continue until the 95th minute.22:22

  • 90'

    Substitution for Cremonese: Zanemacchia off, Cernicola off.22:21

  • 90'

    Substitution for Cremonese: Coda enters, Tsadgot exits.22:21

  • 89'

    Aramo cannot find space on the left lane, the cross is rejected. 22:20

  • 86'

    Cremonese finishes the match attacking, and Tsadgout is in an irregular position.22:18

  • 83'

    Antoff was bruised after a chance collision with Jongdahl, and play was stopped but nothing serious.22:13

  • 80'

    Bellomo (on the bench) warned against unorganized behaviour.22:17

  • 79'

    Tension on the field after a clash between Bickle and Sibili, and the referee restores calm.22:10

  • 76'

    Generous opportunity! Greedy chance for Faletti, but from a favorable position he raises his goal by a lot.22:07

  • 75'

    Barry substitution: Dorval in, Ritchie out.22:05

  • 74'

    Barry substitution: Colangiulli comes on, Diao comes on.22:05

  • 74'

    Substitution for Cremonese: Abrego comes on, Kolokolo comes on.22:04

  • 73'

    Generous opportunity! A strong personal move from Faletti and Perino closes the goal.22:04

  • 71'

    Edjuma tries to shoot the ball from distance, and Jongdahl shoots the ball into the net.22:02

  • 70'

    Inaccurate cross from Giglioni, Cremonesi restart fades.22:00

  • 67'

    Barry substitution: Ben Ali in, Milo out.21:59

  • 67'
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    Barry substitution: Edjuma in, Maita out.21:58

  • 66'

    Goal! Bari Cremonesi 0-2! Colocolo Network. Tsadgot penetrates the penalty area, Breno pushes it away, and Kolokolo deposits it into the net on the goal line.

    Check out Michele Kolokolo's player profile21:58

  • 65'

    MAITA was booked for foul play on Cernicola.21:57

  • 64'

    Substitution for Cremonesi: Faletti comes on, Johnson comes on.21:54

  • 61'

    Tsadgout's attempt from outside the area was comfortably blocked by Perino.21:51

  • 59'

    Lukoshvili remains on the ground, play stops for a few moments, and Barry protests about wasting time.21:49

  • 56'

    TSADJOUT has been booked for unfair play on Ricci.21:46

  • 55'

    Cremonesi responds: Tsadgot's header was blocked by Berino.21:45

  • 52'

    Chance of cheating! De Cesare, following the development of a free-kick, asks Jongdahl to intervene, and Tsadgut then tackles everyone on the goal line and clears the threat.21:44

  • 50'

    ANTOV was booked for unfair play with Diaw.21:41

  • 48'

    Madjer enters the area, but is unable to direct the ball towards the goal with his right foot.21:39

  • 46'

    The beginning of the second half of Barry Cremonese! We start again with a score of 1-0 for the visitors.21:35

  • 46'

    Substitution for Cremonesi: Bickle comes on, Vazquez comes on.21:35

  • 46'

    Barry substitution: Aramo entry and Moracioli exit.21:35

  • Cremonese had clear possession of the ball during the first half: 62%.21:22

  • Cremonese led 1-0 after the first 45 minutes of play. The score broke the deadlock after just one minute, as Maiello turned Cernicola's cross into his own net. Diaw challenges Jongdal in the fourth minute. In the 21st minute, De Cesare blocked Cernicola's shot, and in the 25th minute, Moracioli came close to equalizing.21:21

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  • 45'+2'

    End of the first half: Bari Cremonesi 0-1! The score broke the deadlock a minute later with an own goal from Maiello.21:19

  • 45'

    Referee Santoro counts two minutes of stoppage time21:17

  • 43'

    Lukoshvili is in pain after his collision with Diaw and the medical staff are on the field receiving treatment.21:15

  • 40'

    Vazquez was booked for foul play on Moracioli.21:11

  • 37'

    Moracioli reaches the full-back and puts him in the middle, a cross rejected by Antoff.21:08

  • 34'

    Lulic was caught in an irregular situation, and nothing was done for Barry.21:06

  • 31'

    Free kick taken by Johnson, the ball does not cross the barrier.21:02

  • 29'

    DI CESARE was booked for unfair play with Johnsen.21:01

  • 27'

    Scoring chances for both teams, a total of 11 shots already.21:00

  • 25'

    Chance of cheating! A cross from Cibelli was deflected off Moracioli, but the ball went wide of the goal.20:57

  • 23'

    Mailo received a warning for unfair play with Vazquez.20:54

  • 22'

    Cremonese insists: An attempt from Johnson, a wide ball.20:54

  • 21'

    Generous opportunity! Cernicola in the penalty area with a pass that beats Moraccioli and winds towards goal, and De Cesare's closing down was decisive.20:53

  • 19'

    Blocked by Tsadjot and a powerful shot from Kolokolo.20:50

  • 17'

    Barry spreads forward, Diaw gets a corner kick.20:48

  • 14'

    A weak, central shot from Lulic was easily blocked by Jongdal.20:44

  • 13'

    Kolokolo, after taking a corner kick, shoots from the edge of the penalty area: the ball goes very high.20:44

  • 11'

    Cremonese has long possession, Bari waits in his own half.20:43

  • 8'

    Vazquez tries to move quickly in the penalty area, no problem for Breno.20:39

  • 7'
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    Moraccioli, inside the area, shot the ball towards the goal, but Madjer collided with it.20:39

  • 6'

    Problems for Rafanelli and health workers on the field and play stopped.20:37

  • 4'

    Chance of cheating! Diaw shoots from a narrow angle in the area, and Jongdal resorts to the corner.20:35

  • 1'

    Goal! Bari Cremonesi 0-1! Own goal from Milo. The events begin with a flash from Tsadjot, a low cross from Cernicola, which Mailo passes to Perrino with an unfortunate shot.

    Take a look at Raffaele Maiello's player profile20:34

  • 1'

    The beginning of the first half of Barry Cremonese! Referee Santoro officiates the match.20:31

  • Struppa's choices: Tsadjott and Johnson in attack, Vazquez in support, Coda on the bench. Kolokolo and Mader in midfield. Ghiglione and Cernicola exteriors.19:50

  • Iachini's choices: Diaw in attacking position, with Cibelli and Moracioli behind him. Milo as director, and Lolik and Maita as interior decorators. Nasty is ruled out, and Busca is on the bench.20:27

  • Cremonese bench: Saro, Marrone, Quagliata, Bickel, Abrego, Valetti, Castagnetti, Ciovani, Bonioto, Avina Gian, Zanemacchia, Coda.19:48

  • Bari's bench: Pizardo, Zucic, Dorval, Acampora, Gebre, Idjuma, Bellomo, Aramu, Ashik, Biennale, Puskas, Colangioli.19:55

  • Cremonese formation (3-5-2): Jongdahl – Antov, Ravanelli, Lukoschevili – Giglioni, Colocolo, Mader, Cernicola – Vazquez Johnsen, Tsadgut.19:47

  • Bari lineup (4-3-2-1): Breno – Bussino, Di Cesare, Vicari, Ricci – Maita, Maiello, Lulic – Cibelli, Moracioli – Diaw.19:52

  • It wasn't long until Barry Cremonese started. Both teams were defeated in the final round of the tournament.19:43

  • Welcome to the direct match of the 32nd round of Serie B, Bari and Cremonese will face off.19:43

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: San Nicola
    City: Bari
    Capacity: 58,270 spectators19:43

    Saint NicholasFonti: Getty Images
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