“I feel good, I’m still hungry and not thinking about quitting”

“I feel good, I’m still hungry and not thinking about quitting”

The Swede said exclusively: “For my comeback I still need a little patience. Coach? If I say yes, then I have to do it…”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic asks “again a little patience“Before returning to the team but guarantees “I’m goodThere is still some time before getting back in the group with the team, but the important thing is to feel satisfied first and then come back to play.” Meanwhile, the Swede is loading Milan On the sidelines, so much so that he looks ready for it to be a coach: “If I say that I want to do it, then I will have to do it by force… If I am already thinking of becoming a coach, it also means that I’m thinking about quitting smoking and I’m not. I’m still hungry And my desire is to continue to be successful.”

Meanwhile, Milan are fighting on the Scudetto and the European front: “I ask my teammates to get results every day, in training as in the match, as well as discipline. It would be good to reach the knockout stages of the Champions League but I think commitment after commitmentNot forgetting the tournament. I would love to have many young buddies and be an investor a lot the responsibilityEPA’s words at the Dsquared² event.

Finally a reminder of Mino Raiola: “For him I have nothing but beautiful things, he will remain in the heart and I will miss him forever. I suffered a lot.”

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