Silent Hill 2 Remake Officially Announced by Konami for PS5 and PC, Trailer –

Silent Hill 2 Remake Officially Announced by Konami for PS5 and PC, Trailer –

During the presentation dedicated to the future of the series, Konami was revealed silent hill 2 remake, officially announced through a Display trailer Which also gave us a way to see something concrete about this project for PS5 and PC.

The game has long been in rumors, which were obviously based on real elements: it’s an all-new version of the popular Silent Hill 2 originally released on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC, and completely technically rebuilt by… Bloober teamthe studio responsible for The Medium and Observer, among others.

The story should basically remain the same, as well as the characterization and general characters, while practically everything else changes, with total reconstruction of environments, scenes and gameplay mechanics. Also collaborating on the project are Masahiro Ito, the original series’ chief artistic director, and Akira Yamaoka, the series’ famous historical composer.

The release date is not known yet, but we do know that Silent Hill 2 Remake will be released simultaneously on PC and PS5 as Console exclusive time for at least one year, as stated at the end of tonight’s presentation. The video consists almost entirely of narrative scenes, but it is possible to see the new characterization given to the characters and scenarios, while remaining somewhat true to the original.

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