An assault on gold in the Olympic 10 km race – OA Sport

An assault on gold in the Olympic 10 km race – OA Sport

here comes Olympic competition, most awaited for the world championship, just two years after being appointed at Cinque Cerchi in Paris Italy can be a great hero as it has been so far. In the light of 10 kilometers tomorrow morning in the waters of Lake Luba, all eyes will be on Gregorio Baltrinieri Which, with a day of rest behind him, can He tried to win the first gold medal in this world box championship in his third and final scheduled race.

The challenge is always the same: with German Florian Willbrück, he’s already gone in his pocket In this rainbow version, dazzling shape, incredible desire to Place a trio that allows entry to a handful of the sport’s legendary champions. Between Willbrook and the legend, perhaps there is none but him, Gregorio Paltrinieri Who, again, will try to throw the heart over the obstacle. In the last race in the pool he surprised everyone by escaping to win the 1500m, in the last race in the open water He will try again and we will see if the tactics will always be the same, try to eliminate all competitors beforehand. Success on the bottom with Wellbrock today will be an even bigger task. Also pay attention to the Romanchuk factor.

Hard to think of some inclusion Whether among swimming pool professionals like Domenico Acrinza It also appeared in excellent condition and is able to keep up with the top of the class. On the other hand, open water specialists Olivier Warsovsky will have to devise something to fend off the incoming wave from the pond.

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In the field of women, she is always the top candidate, thereFor the Brazilian Kona, who managed to wrap her neck but won a gold medal with a length of 5 km and aims to repeat herself. Opponents are called Muller, With the French, it appeared in excellent condition Julia Gabrielski who already has two medals around her neck, both bronze, can hope to achieve the triple, perhaps climbing a few steps on the podium. Possibilities exist for Tuscany. It will meet again in the water too Rachel Bruni whose favorite major was this one. Finding it at already excellent levels will be a very important consequence of the blue movement.


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