Putin cannot remain in power.” The Kremlin’s anger and clarification

Putin cannot remain in power.” The Kremlin’s anger and clarification

US President Joe Biden delivers a speech tonight at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland – Reuters

“This guy can’t stay in power.” US President Joe Biden said this evening in Warsaw, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin He defined “a dictator trying to rebuild an empire”. Then the White House determined that Biden “wasn’t talking about regime change.” In Russia “Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded, “This is not something Biden decides. It’s just a choice for the citizens of the Russian Federation.”

It was an expected speech, the one Biden gave after afternoon meetings with refugees from Ukraine and, in the morning, with Ukrainian ministers who had arrived in Poland. A word that began with a quote from John Paul II: “Do not be afraid. These were the first words in the first public address of the first Polish pope after his election in October 1978. These are the words that later defined John Paul II, the words that would change the world.”

Biden told Russian citizens: Our enemy is not the great Russian people.. To the Ukrainians: “We are with you.” For Europeans: stop relying on Russian fossil fuelsWe, the United States, will help you. To Putin (formerly referred to as “the butcher” in front of the refugees, after a “war criminal” a few days before) he sent him to say: “He is a tyrant, he cannot stay in power.” Regarding NATO’s role in this crisis, Biden is very clear: NATO does not want to go to war, but it will not allow even an inch of the soil of a member state to be touched. “American forces in Europe are not here to fight Russian soldiers. They are here to defend allies.”

The strategy of defeating the Russian Federation, which “strangles democracy, not only at home” is the economic strategy Sanctions that turned the ruble into rubble.Rubble, said Biden, playing on the words “rubles,” rubles and rubble. But it will not be a short-lived crisis. “This is not a battle that will be won in days or months, We must prepare for a battle that will last for a long time.”

in front of the Poles Biden transfer for Solidarnoscwho “rised up” against the “brutality” of Russia 30 years ago and “although he could not be here, we are all grateful to Lech Walesa in America and the rest of the world.”

To the refugees: “Putin is a butcher.” The Kremlin’s wrath

“Putin is a butcher,” Biden said in the afternoon., Meeting a group of refugees from Ukraine. “The children asked me to call their parents and grandparents who came back to fight,” he said after stopping to talk and hug the refugees. He told them, “You are brave.” In response to a reporter’s question, he added that he was not sure Russia had changed its strategy by concentrating its war effort on the Donbass.

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“What is happening in Ukraine is changing the entire 21st century,” Biden, who is also in Warsaw, told Ukrainian Foreign Ministers Dmytro Kuleba and Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov shortly before. According to Kuleba, the president confirmed it The United States “will always remain with Ukraine until victory.”. During the meeting, the ministers presented a list of required military equipment. Biden said in Warsaw that he considered “Article 5 a sacred obligation,” referring to the NATO treaty article. An armed attack against one or more members of the Alliance will be considered a direct attack against all parties.

The newspaper said that “Biden’s new insults to Putin further narrow the window of opportunity to repair relations between Russia and the United States.” Kremlin, citing TASS. “It is strange to hear accusations leveled at Putin from Biden who called for the bombing of Yugoslavia and the killing of people,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Explosions in Lviv. Refused to attempt to land in Odessa

afternoon Some missiles hit the northern region of Lviv / LvivThis resulted in 5 injuries. The mayor called on citizens to stay in shelters.

The siege of many cities continues, with the sirens sounding in Kyiv as well. Three people were killed and six injured in the Kyiv region Where he was in Lukianivka, in the province of Brovary Destroyed the Monastery of the Resurrection of Christ, a wooden architectural monument Ukrainian churches dating back to the nineteenth century. But the Ukrainian resistance would have done Pushing the Russian army to retreat 35 km from the capitalIn some places, the advantage for passengers is up to 70 kilometers.

Russian forces took control of Slavutycha town a few kilometers from Chernobyl, while Refused an attempt to land a subversive group in Odessa and poll. According to the British defense, the Russians do not participate in urban infantry operations, and prefer the indiscriminate use of air and artillery bombardment. Bombing with cruise missiles or high-precision missiles, however, Moscow claims to have targeted 117 Ukrainian military sites in the past 24 hours, including the S-300 missile defense system.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, The Russian attacks have difficulties in “maintaining the necessary rhythm of combat and achieving the ultimate goal of the war”. According to the same source, Russian forces face challenges in replacing personnel and suppliesi, in part because of international sanctions. Russian equipment is in poor condition. Nevertheless, the air strikes of the Russian forces continued. And in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the same source said again, that the Ukrainian forces destroyed eight Russian tanks, as well as downed three planes and three drones.

Russia: The goal is to “liberate” the Donbass

After more than a month of war in Ukraine, Moscow will change its strategy by seeking to control the Donbass and exit strategy. Russian President Vladimir Putin was thinking May 9 to say “mission accomplished” On the day of liberation celebrations from the Nazis. Yesterday, the commander of the Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff, General Sergei Rudskoy, said that “the main objectives of the first phase of the operation have been achieved in general.” “The combat capability of the Ukrainian armed forces has significantly decreased. This makes it possible to focus on decisive efforts to achieve the main goal, which is the liberation of Donbass,” he added.

Moscow mobilizes the Middle East. 800 Hezbollah militia members are on the way

In the meantime Moscow is trying to bring reinforcements to Ukraine Relying on its forces in Georgia. “We’ve seen a number of troops move from Georgia. We don’t have an exact number,” the Pentagon official said, without clarifying what it means exactly as there are no Russian troops within the Georgian Caucasus borders. always According to US information, Moscow is also increasing the number of arrivals from Mercenaries from Syria and Lebanon I will tighten An agreement with Hezbollah extremists is ready to send 800 militia members, who were promised $1,500 a month. Thus, the Wagner Group, the special military force linked to Putin, is supposed to reach more than a thousand fighters, up from 300 a month ago.

Humanitarian corridors failed in Kherson

Ten humanitarian corridors today to get people out of four cities in Kyiv province and six of those from Lugansk. Refugees from Mariupol – the city that France wants to plan a humanitarian operation for with Turkey and Greece – must get out in their own cars, because the Russians do not allow buses to pass through their checkpoints. However, the first attempt to evacuate a group of women and children from Kherson this morning failed. It was organized by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, but, according to local sources, the humanitarian convoy – heading to Odessa – was forced to retreat from the flight of a Russian bomber and some shots along the way. Children still killed by war: According to Kyiv, the death toll since the beginning of the Russian invasion has risen to 136. About 200 have been injured. UNICEF reports that more than half of Ukrainian minors are displaced, and more than 450,000 children are in need of food assistance.

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Zelensky to Qatar: Increasing gas production

In the face of the tragedy of his people, Ukrainian President Zelensky – who according to New York Post Video, live or recorded, could appear on Sunday at the Oscars — thundering back against Moscow, accusing it of fueling the nuclear arms race, and In a video message with the Doha Forum, Qatar calls on Qatar to increase gas productionTo counter Russian threats to use energy as a weapon.

On this front, at the end of a long day of work, yesterday’s agreement reached the Council of the European Union: EU countries will initiate joint purchase of gas for better conditions. At the same time, stocks will also be replenished. On the other hand, the question of price ceiling remains unresolved. The Council of the European Union has given the Commission a mandate to study all options already on the table and come up with new proposals next May. In the meantime, the plan to diversify the sources in Rome will be ready in two weeks.

WHO: More than 70 attacks on health facilities and their workers

The World Health Organization condemns, since 24 February, more than 70 separate attacks on hospitals, ambulances and doctors in Ukraine, and cases are increasing “daily”. The World Health Organization reviewed and verified 72 separate attacks on health care facilities that resulted in 71 deaths and at least 37 injuries. Most have damaged hospitals, medical transportation and supply depots, but the World Health Organization has also recorded “possible” cases of kidnapping or detention of health workers and patients. “We are concerned that this number will rise every day,” the WHO representative in Ukraine, Jarno Habicht, told the BBC. “Health care facilities need to be safe places for both doctors and nurses, but also for patients who have to go to those centers for treatment.”

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