How is ground coffee stored?


Even more important than storing coffee beans, storing ground coffee must follow very strict rules to try to retain as much of the aromas and flavors as possible. As we have seen, coffee beans hold a little better, they oxidize less quickly than when they are ground. Storage conditions are the same for coffee beans as ground coffee. But you should get more attention from the moment you choose the ground coffee.

Here are the rules to follow to keep your coffee in good shape for as long as possible. Be careful, you won’t be able to keep it for months, and your coffee will spoil very quickly.

Keep ground coffee dry

We sometimes hear people recommend putting their coffee in the fridge to keep it cold. However, the refrigerator is not the best place for a bag of coffee, bean or ground. Not to mention the many aromas that coffee can have, the refrigerator is a particularly humid environment. Too hydrated for coffee!

In fact, the coffee must be dry, otherwise it risks losing its flavor or worse, molding! I advise instead that you place your coffee in a cupboard that is not too close to the cooking systems (to avoid steam). But be careful not to store it with spices or any other food or spices with strong aromas that coffee can absorb.

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Avoid light

To preserve all the organoleptic properties of your coffee, I also invite you to avoid exposure to light. Ideally, an opaque bag or box that does not let sunlight through.

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Get the right bag or box

This box can be fun ground coffee. For coffee beans that have just been roasted, it is recommended that you have a bag with a freshness valve that allows the freshly cooked coffee gases to escape.

If you buy your coffee at a roaster or in a special store, a bag with a freshness valve is essential, even for ground coffee. This is an indicator of quality, nothing prevents you from putting your coffee in a suitable case if you have one.

Avoid temperature changes

Finally, it is important to avoid extreme heat or very cold temperatures as much as possible. Overall, the coffee will stay better and will thank you (while still retaining its aroma!) if you avoid any heat shock.

In the event of a heat wave, try to keep ground coffee in the coldest room in your house.

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