February 8, 2023

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In Bucca War Crimes, We Gather Evidence of Putin’s Responsibility

Julian Smith, the US ambassador to NATO, who said during a briefing with the international press: “We will continue to support Ukraine especially after the horrific photos of Busha. We are collecting evidence to prove the responsibility of Putin and his team.”

Photo from Twitter (Dmytro Koleba).

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“We don’t know how to proceed, but we want the truth What happened to Bocha?“talk Julian Smith, US ambassador to NATO who in the context of a instructions With the international press in which he also participated Fanpage.itevaluate the situation on war in ukraine And in particular, the horror that occurred in the city north of Kyiv, where they came over the weekend Pictures of civilian corpses They were executed in the streets, mass graves and torture chambers. “Now we are collecting all possible information, we are listening to citizens and NGOs to put together all parts of the situation in Bucha and other cities. It is clear what Biden said, we have seen war crimes and other atrocities. I don’t know exactly how we will proceed, but we need to gather as much information as possible to hold Putin and his team accountable.”

Image source: US State Department.

Image source: US State Department.

Smith spoke on the eve of the NATO Foreign Ministers Summit in Brussels, which they will also attend Georgia, Finland And the Sweden, In addition to Australia, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea. “We are not looking to expand into the Pacific, but we want to increase cooperation With other countries,” the US ambassador explained, adding: “The meeting tomorrow and Thursday will focus on a series of issues, among which, of course, is the war in Ukraine. As you all know, NATO allies came together at this time and took steps to support Kyiv from a humanitarian and economic perspective and not only, even before the start of the war and certainly after February 24. We will continue to do so. The foreign ministers will try to understand what the allies can individually and collectively do to support the Ukrainian citizens, obviously also in the wake of the terrible images that came from Bucha. But allies will also turn their attention to future challenges, including cybersecurity and new technologies.

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The ambassador, answering one of the questions, explained that “even before February 24, the date of the start of the Russian invasion, NATO knew the need to increase security on the Eastern Front. Our efforts continued even after the beginning of the Russian invasion.” War, with the increasing number of countries providing troops and ships, it is also necessary to emphasize the speed with which the allies Border reinforced to the east. We created 4 new battle groups in the Baltic states and Poland after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, and now we have 4 more groups for a total of 8 battle groups covering the entire eastern side from north to south. ”