The United States appointed Genovese as scientific director

The United States appointed Genovese as scientific director

Potenza – – is “a world-renowned researcher, currently working in the USA, in Houston”, the new scientific director of the Crone Reonero in the Eagle (Potenza): this was announced today by the President of Basilicata. Regional Director Vito Bardi explained that he had received an “official letter” from Health Minister Orazio Schillaci.

“This is a very important fact for the relaunch of Krupp, which is a reference point for oncology not only in Basilicata but in the whole of southern Italy,” Bardi explained. Vento from the regional council explained that the appointment of Krupp’s general manager is also imminent.

Vito Bardi added: “The appointment of Gianicola Genovese, a world-renowned researcher, as Scientific Director of the Vulture Rhonero species is excellent news for the Institute.” “Originally from Lucania, Dr. Genoa has important research to his credit in the field of oncology. Under his official guidance, Krupp will continue to provide increasingly advanced services for the prevention of oncological diseases and to help cancer patients.”

Common satisfaction expressed by the Regional Health Advisor, Francesco Fanelli. “Quality appointment. It will contribute to raising the professionalism of the structure and healthcare services of Crob, which are already attractive for many patients from outside the region, and will become even more attractive thanks to the next significant improvement of technological equipment.

Honey. Salvatore Caiata (FdI), in a note, expressed his “great satisfaction with the appointment of Gianicola Genovesi as Scientific Director of the Crop Reonero of the Eagle (Potenza)”. “He is a world-famous researcher, a truly Lucanian par excellence and can finally return to Italy after working in the USA, in Houston, and I can only thank Minister Schillaci for choosing him,” emphasized Chiata.

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