Water polo, World Cup: United States won Setterosa 10-6

Water polo, World Cup: United States won Setterosa 10-6

In Athens, the Azzurri play on equal terms with the Olympians, but suffer a blackout in the third period: 10-6. Tomorrow the conclusion of the second stage with Hungary

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In Challenge Rotterdam, a week ago we came away narrowly defeated amid regrets and protests against the referees. This time, in Athens, the United States imposed themselves without argument and without a heartbeat, but Setterosa shows very good things especially in defense. “I am satisfied with the reaction after the bad performance against the Netherlands, it was a good game against the strongest team in the world. At first we conceded very few shots, but it is a pity that some hasty conclusions in the numerical superiority, ”explains Carlo Celebeau after 10-6 Which ended the second day of the second stage of the World Cup. Tomorrow, against Hungary, we will play third: whatever happens, we already know that in the Final Eight in Long Beach we will have a strong opponent in the quarterfinals.


The Azzurri, who gave a completely different performance than the day before and lined Pancelli between the posts, essentially paid for the blackout in the final four minutes of the third period, when the Americans went from 5-5 to 9-5 with the brackets. From Steffens and Rany divorced. And as the coach points out, in the end, the many mistakes weigh in with the extra man, only two goals out of 11 occasions. Marlita, author of a trilogy, shines.


All the teams in our group – starting from the points gained in the first stage – are already qualified for the Final Eight (23-25 ​​June): these days the grid will be decided. But in the second round in Athens, there are two passes in contention for victory: Greece, Spain, China and Australia. The races are broadcast on the World Aquatics YouTube channel of the International Aquatics Federation. The last two matches of the qualifiers will come out of the second-tier tournament, which is scheduled for May 1-7 in Berlin.

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United State: Johnson, Musselman 1, Prentice 1, Fattal, Bonaguidi, Stephens 2, Ausmus, Striker, Mamulito 1, Gazzaniga, Cohen, Rani 5, Longan. Krikorian flock.

Italy: Pancelli, C. Tapani, Gallardi, Avigno 1, L. Sergol, Bettini 1, Picuzzi, Gant, Palmieri, Marlita 3 (Kalman), A. Kocher, Fiacava 1, Condoreli. everyone.

the reviewer: Zhang Liang (China) and Hai (Australia).

NB: sip. no. USA 15 (7), Italy 11 (2). Outside. 3 f. 4 SR. Penalty penalty saved by Pancelli on Musselman in 2 r. and from Johnson to Picozzi in the third R.

Wed 19: Netherlands-Italy 16-10, United States-Hungary 10-8.
Thursday 20: Hungary-Netherlands 12-11, USA-Italy 10-6.
Friday 21: United States – Netherlands (15), Italy – Hungary (19).
classification: US 13; Netherlands 12 Hungary 9 Italy 6.

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