Pepe Severgnini from New York to the United States explains how to understand Italians – La Voce di New York

Pepe Severgnini from New York to the United States explains how to understand Italians – La Voce di New York

He lived in London, USA, Russia and China. He is one of those journalists that the world knew before telling him too closely.

Among these experiences, a newspaper columnist appeared Corriere della Sera-He has learned to love Italy. “Italians will have to laugh at this – he comments during a meeting at the Italian consulate in New York – but in our country, in the end, everything is fine.”

Together with him Edoardo Ballerini, American actor, director and screenwriter with Italian citizenship The New York Times He called “the voice of God” the voice of God.

At 690 Park Avenue, in front of an audience so large that they could not enter the reception room of the Consulate, the two told Italy of the fine sentiment. The one you miss when you’re away and can’t do without.

Baby Severgnini – Photo by Terry W. Sanders

Severgnini wrote a book on this, Italian Lessons: Fifty Things We Know About Life Now. It all starts with a question. Is there an Italian way of coping with life? Americans often ask themselves this, in a unique mixture of charisma and bewilderment with a cartoonish, sometimes indignant, yet concealing an irresistible charm.

Narrated by Ballerini’s incredible voice, who made an audiobook of this instruction manual for Italian life, American readers, as well as Italians who haven’t lived in their homeland in a while, can discover the secrets hidden along the shoe.

It takes about six hours to listen to it all: less than a flight from New York to Crema, where Severgnini was born. From the Italians’ love of poetry to the innate desire to mingle, to the regional differences between North and South, Severnini paints a picture that is impossible not to recognize.

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For Stanley Tucci, the American actor and director of Italian descent who has career won two Golden Globe Awards and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Amabile breakTheis a book “with unparalleled intuition and brilliant intelligence, which transports us not only to Italy, but also to the depths of the Italian mind and soul.”

Edoardo Ballerini – Picture of Terry W. Sanders

Intelligence, the person Tucci talked about, who was seen during the presentation. Many, during the debate, snatched laughter from the journalist’s jokes, and the audience’s questions, always eager to follow the lines of the speech, resented.

Severgnini, in The New York Times For which he was a columnist from 2013 to 2021, he spoke about Italy several times. It is often about politics, the analysis of the many governments that followed each other, but also about customs. “My aperitif-free youth — he wrote in a 2019 article — was in the ’70s and we focused on discos, hot beer on the beach, pizza, sleepless nights with friends and a cheap bottle of wine. The aperitif, the weather before dinner and beginning of the evening, was For seniors: my parents, uncles and aunts, most of whom are on vacation.But when we had guests, our dining room was miraculously filled with bottles full of brightly colored liquids with funny names: Aperol, Campari, Negroni, Carpano, Fernet Branca.In a TV ad Cynar, which was flavored with artichokes, one of the actors had an aperitif seated in the middle of a crowded roundabout.The famous brand of vermouth was Punt e Mes, which means “one and a half point” (one point sweet, half bitter). I’d rather die than ask a punt a miss. No girl has ever spoken to me again.”

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A few lines are enough, and here readers are transported to distant Italy. This is Severgnini’s skill. Now at the service of those who want Italy to learn to love it.

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