Selling a house will become more difficult

Selling a house will become more difficult

The indirect consequences of the conflict in Ukraine are increasing. Now the real estate market is hurting: buying a home will be more complicated


The Tensions in Ukraine The indirect consequences are still making their way into our country, which has affected many economic sectors. now it real estate market That hits: buying a home, in fact, will be more and more complicated.

It seems that the global economy is facing a crisis that is directly relatedInvasion of Russia in Ukraine. Inflation increases, along with costs EnergyAnd the fuel And the Raw materials, with negative consequences for purchasing power. But now even home payments are at risk.

Here are the repercussions of the war on the real estate market

Tensions in Ukraine, caused by Putin’s invasion of Russia, have had many consequences, including within real estate market. This means that there may be some short-term repercussions interest rates, So far, it has increased significantly.

This means that you are asking for a file lend To buy a house and a business subscriber It costs more than in the past. In particular, the magnifying glass is aimed atIrsThe Factor Referred to by fixed rate mortgages, which have undergone several changes in recent months.

index a twenty yearsIndeed, it has passed since then 0.30% little more than1% In February, after relegating to 0.86%. It is located around a fluctuation That has consequences, particularly for those who will apply for a mortgage to buy a home.


However, Intesa San Paulo It will be a bank that will not charge the same interest rate. This banking institution, in fact, will indicate an increase in fixed rates to a maximum 45 points.

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Moreover, the cream Planning to go down to 15 points To the maximum extent. But not only that, the German Bank will suggest an increase 10 pointsWhile Bnl Come here 20 to 40 points.

Therefore, the interests For various sectors and markets that have already begun to suffer serious damage, due to the war in Ukraine. It is a state of great concern to those who intend to do so buy a house or pay off their mortgage payments.

However, the situation still does not look very serious, even if the constant monitoring of fixed rate mortgages continues.

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