PS5 with 6nm chip coming to improve stock? Detail from the report –

PS5 with 6nm chip coming to improve stock?  Detail from the report –

As Zuby_Tech explained on Twitter, AMD is producing new Ryzen 7 6800U CPUs with 6nm FinFET chip from TSMC. According to the report, this is also a good indication of PS5as might imply the arrival of new stock Thanks to the production of a new model.

As we told you a week ago, Sony has registered a new model of PlayStation 5, the CFI-1200. According to Zuby_Tech, these new 6nm chips can be used on New model of PS5. This will allow Sony to produce much more units than it has been recently, as these chips are easier to obtain.

The main difference will be production facility. There should be no changes of any kind in terms of performance. For the end user, the PS5 will be practically the same console, identical in every detail. Increasing the number of available units will also help lower the average PlayStation 5 price and allow players to purchase the console without having to run after expensive bundles that are available in very limited quantities.

It’s clearly only one speculationAt the moment we don’t have an official confirmation on what chips Sony will use in the new PS5 model.

talking about TSMCWe remind you that the company is in talks to open a factory in Italy as well.

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