Starfield: In 160 Hours Bethesda’s Pete Haynes Didn’t Quite Understand What An RPG Was

Starfield: In 160 Hours Bethesda’s Pete Haynes Didn’t Quite Understand What An RPG Was

starfield It is primarily an RPG, more specifically a Bethesda RPG. This means, among other things, that it will be a massive game in terms of content and therefore long in terms of hours. how much exactly? We don’t have a definitive answer yet, but Bethesda’s Pete Haynes made it clear that he’s currently playing 150-160 hours And you still do not understand what exactly this game is.

accurately, Interviewed by IGN USA“To be honest, there’s no definite time when I can say, ‘I’ve played enough now to understand what this game is,’” Haynes said. “I spent 150 to 160 hours on the game and there I am. There are many things I didn’t do on purpose.”

What Pete Heinz Really Means About Starfield’s Length

All we can learn from this statement is that it is entirely possible to play at least 160 hours in StarfieldBut we don’t think it’s a surprising number. What Heinz says is that there is a lot to discover and learn within the GDR, and perhaps also in relation to all existing gaming systems. Let’s talk about character customization, allies management, ship customization, and more.

Moreover, Heinz says he did Deliberately avoid doing as many things as possible In the game, but this is the classic approach of Betheda games which can technically be completed in a few dozen hours if you aim directly to finish the plot, but in reality it pushes the player not to complete the story and instead devote himself above all, to the secondary elements of running and “delay the end” of the game.

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Staying on topic, it was revealed that the protagonist almost got full voice acting instead of being mute.

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