It would be impossible to get Platinum in a single game –

It would be impossible to get Platinum in a single game –

the Dead Space remake It will propose different innovations compared to the base game, both in terms of content and technologies. The trophy/achievement list will also include new trophies and mainly rewards It is impossible to get all trophies/achievements in one game.

In this news we specify, There is no plot spoiler, General considerations only in the Dead Space trophy list. The new version will include well-known trophies, such as those related to completing the different game chapters, and some challenges such as obtaining all weapons and eliminating 30 enemies with each of them.

However, there is a novelty in the remake of Dead Space: the New game + mode, which will then require you to complete the adventure a second time. Moreover, there is always the challenge that asks you to complete the game using only the Plasma Cutter, or the primary weapon: for some players this can be quite a challenge. We also remember that there is a trophy that asks you to finish the adventure on the hardest difficulty.

Dead Space remake So it doesn’t lower the difficulty level at Platinum/1000G and really expands the challenge with having to complete the game a second time. However, considering that the adventure doesn’t last very long (especially compared to many games these years aiming for dozens and dozens of hours), tackling New Game+ shouldn’t be an excessive effort for those who want 100%.

Finally, we point out that pre-loads are now available on Xbox Series X | S.

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