The Acerbi-Rugani exchange is ready. angry fans

The Acerbi-Rugani exchange is ready.  angry fans

The season is not over yet juventus market It already fills the pages of all major websites and newspapers. At Juventus, the next negotiation window looks particularly delicate. After a season without titles, the club wants to completely reverse the trend and for this reason it will be necessary to guess the right options.

Juventus market: the search for an alternative to Chiellini

In recent weeks, there has been much talk of farewell to Juventus Paulo Dybala. The Argentine footballer is leaving on a free transfer and there are already many teams with him, even in Italy: it seems that Goya’s future has already been decided, with Dybala who has already bought another housein the city where he’s supposed to take the field.

Discuss less instead of greeting Giorgio Chiellini. The defender had a less important role last season due to some physical problems that did not allow him to always be present, but his absence on the pitch and in the dressing room will certainly be felt by him. farewell The captain of Juventus and the leader of the rear guard is frightening the fans who are demanding an alternative in the market to match the European champion defender.

Juventus-Lazio: working in the Acerbi-Rogani swap

To launch indiscretion on the market is SportMediaset which reveals how Juventus And Lazio are working on Exciting exchange in the market. It will reach the Bianconeri Francesco Accra (In open break with Biancoceleste environment) While Lazio will relegate Danielle Ruganiwith the formula loan with redemption obligation.

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According to Mediaset, the coaches, cheerful And I will seethey would already have given their consent to the operation with the ex-Napoli coach re-embracing an old pupil who had been training in Empoli and Turin.

Juventus on Acerbi: Fans reject the idea of ​​the transfer market

However, Juventus fans do not seem particularly happy with the arrival of Acerbi, coming from a particularly difficult season with Lazio and not quite young: “Replacing Chiellini with Acerbi is really a life sentence,” Gianrocco said frankly. And again: “After two seasons like this, it takes guts to show up for Acerbi, I don’t want to believe it. The immature Robert hasn’t been able to stand for two years, he just walks.”

But the market pivot with Lazio seems to interest the masses: “If we put something Rugani on the stock exchange Instead we take Milinkovic-Savicit is something we can take into account.” Zipps also thinks the same way: “Together with Rugani we can also put Bernardeschi if he gives us a big discount to the sergeant.”


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