Kena 5.99 100GB TOP promotion continues at 5.99 € per month until August 30, 2023 – | News | Telephony

Kena 5.99 100GB TOP promotion continues at 5.99 € per month until August 30, 2023 – |  News |  Telephony

KennaTIM, the second brand, has decided to extend the offer of the rechargeable mobile phone in all sales channels, taking into account the changes Qena 5,99 100 GB promotional higher to 5.99 euros per month.

the offer Qena 5,99 100 GB top promotion It is also available online on a dedicated page on the operator’s official website (here is the direct link).

It is not an offer that can be activated by everyone, but only for those coming from Iliad, Fastweb and some virtual players. Tim, Vodafone, WindTre, Very Mobile and ho. Moving.

In the Customs Transparency document dedicated to this Qena 5.99 And in the electronic version it was entered as the end date of the subscription Wednesday, August 23, 2023. Instead, it was extended by a few minutes Until August 30, 2023.

What the top Kena 5.99 100GB promo offers

Kina 5.99 100 GB higher Submitted every month Unlimited minutes Voice traffic for all national fixed and mobile numbers,200 text messages For all national numbers e 100 GB Mobile Internet traffic in 4G on the TIM network at speeds of up to 60 Mbps when downloading and up to 30 Mbps when uploading. With the auto recharge promo they become 150 GB.

more, With the current Qena summer promoavailable until August 30, 2023 (subject to changes), and you’ll also automatically get a free additional data pack of 200 GB is consumed within 60 days of activation.

the offer Qena 5,99 100 GB top promotion It can be activated until further notice by new Qena customers coming from it Iliad, Fast Web, Post Mobile And by some virtual operators. It cannot be activated by TIM, Vodafone, WindTre, ho. And very mobile.

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In detail, the original operators are the following: iliad, Poste Mobile, Tiscali, Lycamobile, CoopVoce, Fastweb Mobile, 1Mobile, China Mobile, Daily Telecom, DIGI Mobile, Elimobile, Engan Mobile, Feder Mobile, Green, Intermatica, Italia Power. NetValue, Noitel, Nova, Nextus, NTMobile, Optima, Ovunque, Plintron, Professional Link, Rabona Mobile, Spusu, Telmekom, TDM, Vianova (Welcome Italia), Wings Mobile, Withu.

New Kena customers who can activate this trigger attack offer must get The starting price is 10 euroscomposed of first month Presentation e A credit of €4.01 Phone included.

The cost of a new reloadable sim with this offer is free, excluding any charges that apply at the dealer’s discretion.

currently, Until September 20, 2023except for changes, promo which Qena customers who activate the auto top-up service Get the extra option for free50 GB free for you with auto top up featureGet 50 GB of data traffic per month for free.

in this way, Kina 5.99 100 GB higher It may be in the data traffic component a Total 150 GB per month, at no additional cost.

Free add-on option It is activated upon the first renewal From its main display after requesting the activation of the service AutofillAnd It is renewed every month As long as the autofill service is maintained and the main view is active.

With the same list of creators, until further notice, subject to changes, Kenna also suggests Qena 6,99 130 GB Promo Plus to 6.99 euros per month (here is the direct link) And Kina 7,99 150 GB Star Plus to 7.99 euros per month (here is the direct link) With the first month free. With these last two offers, the customer will have to pay 1 euro cent as an initial cost for the first month.

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Qena 6,99 130 GB Promo Plus And Kina 7,99 150 GB Star Plus It can also be activated by new Qena customers who wish to activate a new number.

additional threshold

With Qena offers, the minutes are valid for approx All national numbersThey have no connection fees and are charged for advertisements Real seconds of conversation. With Kena Mobile offers, data traffic is charged in preset increments of 1 KB.

If the number of available SMS messages is exceeded, the terms of the basic Kena plan will apply, which stipulate a charge of 25 EUR cents per SMS sent.

If the client more than every gigabyte Available nationwide, in the absence of other active data options is expected Navigation block.

How does roaming work in the EU?

Why worry Roaming within the European Union (currently in the UK), minutes and SMS are valid under the same national conditions, while for data traffic there is a cap on the amount that can be used each month.

In case Qena 5,99 100 GB top promotionin 2023 this threshold is equal to 6 GB per month. If the customer exceeds the GB limit, for the year 2023 is applied Additional fee of 0.213 euro cents per megabyte.

Please note that from July 2022, with the offers of the virtual operator Kena, it is possible to navigate in roaming, in the EU and in some countries outside the EU. Even on 4G.

Non-renewal costs

In case Insufficient funds for renewalQena Mobile offers are coming hangingBut the customer can continue to call, send SMS and surf the Internet According to the terms set out in the Kina Basic PlanUntil credit runs out.

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In addition, the terms of the basic plan also apply In the event of termination of the offerThus if the customer does not renew for a period of 90 days.

The basic Kena plan costs 35 euro cents per minute For calls to all national numbers (without calling charges) at a price 25 euro cents For every SMS sent and pricing 50 euro cents in increments of 50 MB upfront to surf the internet.

other details

With Qena offers, I hear it voice mail And services provide SMS Find out and call now They are included at no additional cost, but activation of one of the two services does not allow activation and use of the other.

It should also be noted that, as MondoMobileWeb has already reported, Currently these services may not be available or may not be activated or deactivated.

After her decommissioning, which was completed in mid-October 2022, TIM’s 3G technology is now turned off throughout Italy. It should also be noted that since May 2022, also due to the shutdown of the 3G network, it has been enabled gradual out of service times on Sim Kenna.

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