WhatsApp, finally the voice function that makes everyone happy: it is impossible to do without

WhatsApp, finally the voice function that makes everyone happy: it is impossible to do without

We all have a friend who sends a 10 minute audio message using WhatsApp instead of calling. And perhaps the most important part of the message is only the last 10 seconds!

New WhatsApp feature – readquotidiano.it

The revolution that no one can do without has arrived!

Voice message work

WhatsApp was born in 2009, it changed the way of communication in any field, from friendship to love and even at work.
The conversation has been diversified and enriched with emojis, videos and photos, but also Calls and video recordings. We are available voluntarily and listening to messages will be possible in half the time.

Maybe he did WhatsApp Error creating voice messages. In fact, he did not specify a maximum time. This way, if users wanted, they could send messages for hours!

WhatsApp audio acceleration function - ReadQuotidiano.it
WhatsApp audio acceleration function – ReadQuotidiano.it

Voice messaging was a real innovation in the messaging scene. Many loved them, unlike others who hated them. Their main purpose is to “help” user A Express yourself better And faster to avoid writing.

Faster Voice Messages on WhatsApp

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has facilitated users with a new feature to help those who hate long messages. After many tests The voice message acceleration function has arrived On WhatsApp for all iOS and Android users.

So the WhatsApp functionality you were probably expecting has arrived, there is one new interface Recording voice messages. A function that can display your voice message in a wave form before sending it.

In addition to you can move it, For those who have friends who like to send two-minute voice messages. This is great news For all those who like to hear their voice first And for all those who are always afraid to send the message with the wrong information.

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For all users who have updated the application, the functionality has been made available automatically. for him The process is very simple: Once you start listening to the audio, a button will appear to the right of the message to speed up the message.

Voice messages can be accelerated by 1.5x and 2x, in practice, up to Cut your listening time in half. Normal speed is indicated by 1x.

Faster reading of WhatsApp voice messages - ReadQuotidiano.it

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